10 Tattoos Inspired by Casino Games

Tattoos don’t always have to have meaning and having a casino-inspired tattoo can look pretty cool. There are a large variety of casino-inspired tattoos and if you are here for some much-needed inspiration then you are in the right place.

There is so much to do before getting a tattoo and the first step is deciding what you want to get. Here we go through ten different casino-inspired tattoos that you can pull inspiration from. With the right theme, you can put together a beautiful tattoo. Especially when there are so many different elements from a casino theme, such as, playing cards, roulette, casino chips, poker, or a megaways slots symbols.

Ace Card
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1. Ace up Your Sleeve?

Get an Ace card tattoo and it is a great play on the saying while also being an all-around inclusive casino-themed tattoo.

Some people will tweak the overall design of the cards and they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

2. Casino Game Equipment

If you are looking to get one big tattoo, consider getting all the equipment items you use in casino games. You could get cards, a set of dice and a roulette table all in one epic tattoo. Don’t be afraid to incorporate other elements like a jester or your preferred lucky number.

3. Joker Tattoos

The jester has many different meanings if you are looking for a more meaningful tattoo. The jester is also great if you are looking for something that is guaranteed to be a sick-looking piece because it can stand on its own as half an arm or leg piece with ease.

4. A Good Quote

Sometimes fine lines and simplicity is the way to go and a popular go-to for this is a quote. For example, you can use “I’m in love with Lady Luck” or “Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers”.

The hardest part of this tattoo idea is picking the correct font. You can have a tattoo artist weigh in on the best ones if you truly can’t decide on a design and font.

5. Poker Card or Hand

If you love poker as much as most people do then a popular tattoo concept to get is your preferred poker card or a winning hand of cards. With the birth of the internet, poker has only grown in popularity as you can now play without ever having to leave home.

6. A Single Detailed Tattoo

A really popular concept is doing a singular piece with little bits of symbolism. An example of this is a tattoo of a casino chip with each of the suites on it. Or perhaps a set of dice with a different playing card on each face. Sometimes a single tattoo is preferred over one big showpiece.

7. Mix Two Themes

A single tattoo doesn’t always need to stick to one concept in order to look good. You can customize and mix together different themes and a lot of the time it makes for a far better tattoo. For example, you could use a stag which symbolizes good luck and have a winning hand spread out in front of it.

8. Your Favourite Slot Character

The last on our list is to pick your favourite slot game, simple three-reel slots, and then use the reels of that slot or in-game character to put into your tattoo. For example, you can do three reels with 777 on them or you can use Gonzo himself from the Gonzo’s quest series.

It’s All About You

Hand Tattoos
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A tattoo is a lifelong commitment and it is always important to find artists that specialise in the type of art you want done. You should always feel comfortable and trust your artist when you go and get one.