Tips to Get a Tattoo Without Your Parents Knowing

Tattoos are a kind of permanent body art. It is nothing less than an artistic work; however, not all art pieces are appropriate for specific environments; that’s why most parents and even the religious and professional work setting consider it inappropriate.

According to a recent survey in 2019 by Ipsos Group, one in every ten individuals in the United States has a tattoo. In general, tattoos are becoming more widely accepted, whether they are tiny or large, and the culture as a whole has been more acceptable over the last few years. While tattoos are trendy nowadays, not everyone is comfortable with them, particularly those with conservative views.


Getting a tattoo may be frowned upon by your parents and family, who may be offended by your decision to have one for religious or moral grounds or any other reason.

Nevertheless, if tattoos are something you are passionate about and looking forward to getting one on your body. And you’ve already tried everything to persuade your parents to let you get a tattoo and now seeking tips and tricks on hiding tattoos from parents. Then, this article will help you out!

We’ve compiled a list of the finest techniques on how you can not be caught, following how you can get a tattoo without letting your parents know, a few best places to hide them, and how to tell your mom you got a tattoo.

How Do You Not Get Caught with Tattoos?

Here are a few tips to consider to avoid getting caught with tattoos in front of your parents.

1. Pick a Small Piece of Tattoo First

You must consider a small tattoo in the first place.   A tiny tattoo is simpler to cover and hide. If your parents suddenly visit you and your small tattoo is prominently shown, you may even hide it from your palm, hair, or clothes. Hiding and caring for a big tattoo is considerably more difficult.

Another reason is that the tiny lines will stretch and obscure the pattern over time. However, a bold, clean design will age well.

Moreover, a small-sized tattoo could be easier to accept if your parents discover it or you show it to them. It can act as an “ice breaker” that aids you go on to more significant design pieces on your body.

2. Spot Places that Can be Easy to Hide

Get a tattoo that’s simple to cover. There are lots of areas on your body where your parents won’t see a tattoo. Moreover, you must consider the seasons also while choosing a place for a tattoo. For example, if you spend the whole summer in a swimming suit. So, you should avoid such places where your parents can easily find out.

The inside of your lower lip, behind your ear, ribs, ankle, foot, inside of your wrist, and your back are perfect places to hide tattoos. Because these regions will fade more quickly than other parts of the body since they are continuously losing cells and rebuilding the skin.

3. Use Bright Colours

If you have light, freckled skin, a bright-colored tattoo (mainly white, yellow, orange, etc.) may be appropriate for hiding tattoos from parents. Geometric designs stand out in bright colors, and bright colored ink is less visible than darker hues.

However, even with a strong SPF, keeping the tattoo out of direct sunlight is essential. The sun may fade the white ink, leaving just raised bumps on your skin and memories of your awesome tattoo.

4. Cover it through Make-up

If you are done looking for places to hide tattoos. Using makeup over your tattoos can rescue you.  Using makeup, you can cover up your tattoo after it has healed completely. There are high-quality cosmetics available that are designed specifically for this purpose, and it works. Most of them are durable enough to last all day and won’t rub off, and some are even waterproof.


How Can I Get a Tattoo Without My Parents Knowing?

Clear Your Browser Search Histories

If you are under 18 or using your parent’s devices for browsing tattoo designs, nearest tattoo stores, etc. You must clear all of your browser histories before leaving. It is also appropriate if your browsing accounts (Such as Google or iOS accounts) are shared with your parents. And your parents are frequently controlling or monitoring your online activities.

That would be the worst scenario for you if you were caught searching for that tattoo design or nearest tattoo store content by your parents. You must leave no evidence after you that may aid you in being accountable in front of your parents.

Under these scenarios, it is advisable to download VPN android servers on your phone. You can get vital security through a VPN against being caught with tattoos’ search histories by your parents.

Nonetheless, using VPN can be an excellent option for hiding your search data from parents, as it leaves no data behind and will help you hide your search history with ease. There are many free trial VPN services available online. Among them, VeePN is highly recommended by experts. Thus, through this good android VPN service, no one except you will know what you were doing on the Internet. It is available for any device, including both Android, iOS, PCs, etc.

Places to Hide Tattoos

Here is a list of body parts or locations where you can hide your tattoo easily from your parents.

1. Inside your arm

Get a tattoo across the front of your arm if you want everyone to see it. If you want it hidden, have it done within your bicep or elbow.

2. At your Ankle

Now, moving on to additional tattoo ideas that will help you conceal from your parents. One seems to be deep in your ankle. Regardless of gender, many individuals hide their tattoos there.

3. Upper thigh

Thigh tattoos are readily hidden beneath trousers, skirts, and even shorts, depending on the size of the design and the length of the shorts.

4. Collarbone

A tiny tattoo can be covered in plain sight of your collarbone. Such a tiny tattoo on the collarbone is hardly unnoticeable when not covered by your shirt.


What to do if Parents Finds a Tattoo

Despite all that mentioned above, if you have been caught by your parents having tattoos on your body. Then how to tell your mom you got a tattoo is important to know.

  • Apologize for hiding the tattoo from them. They may ultimately recognize you are old enough and mature enough to make choices about what you do with your own body. Making wise, safe choices while getting your piece creates a better impression, and they don’t have to worry about your health.
  • Make up a convincing justification for getting the tattoo. This is a nasty technique, but your parents may soften if you claim your small heart tattoo is for your late grandfather. Tell them your crucifix represents your religion and reminds you to be a good Christian, or your shamrock tattoo represents your Irish heritage.
  • Expect punishments. If your parents have caught you, then now it’s time to prepare for the repercussions. Whining, shouting, and creating a fuss won’t help you impress your parents.