4 Most Beautiful Languages for Tattoos

The tattoo has a clear purpose: to carry a precise meaning that represents a clear message. It should involve a creative element where some mystery takes place, which is often achieved with the help of another language. There is also a strong visual aspect where even a few characters can tell way more than a full sentence. It is one of the reasons why tattoo artists are often encountering all the world’s beautiful languages. The most important thing is to double-check the meaning behind the word(s) and give it some time to see if it really fits you. If you have an opportunity, contact native speakers and ask them to explain the word or an expression the best way you can, just to ensure that you get an accurate meaning.

4 Most Beautiful Languages For Your Tattoo

1. Arabic

It is one of those mystic languages that always looks beautiful once the work is done. Arabic is the language where even a short phrase may have a hidden meaning that will help you create a special connection to your significant other or an event. For example, one has eleven different meanings for the word “love” where you can choose a particular stage of falling in love. It is one of the reasons why people from Arabic countries often turn to Postcrossing since the writing looks beautiful and can express a lot with a simple phrase. It is also a great language for the quiet types who want to decorate their bodies just for themselves.  

2. Japanese

Japanese, just like Chinese, is the most popular option for tattoos because Ganzi and Kanji styles look beautiful. While these can be met basically everywhere, it is still possible to choose something unique that will stand out. It is still important to check the meaning and have a native Asian speaker who could take a look at the calligraphy to ensure that no mistake has been made.  At the same time, you should not ignore European languages with a twist. For example, you may approach a Swiss-German translator to add something special that will still look totally unique. If you would like to choose something exotic, it is the way to go.

3. Spanish

It is hard to find a language today that would be so beautiful as it is being pronounced. If you love listening to Spanish-language songs, you might already know all the beautiful phrases that may be considered for your tattoo. Still, you should always talk to someone who is a native Spanish speaker, as one may suggest special phrases that will have a precise meaning. It can be some motto or quotes that you love. The most important thing is to ensure that your tattoo reflects your personality.

4. Welsh

The language of fairytales and the beautiful legends, Welsh or Cymraeg is the choice for those who want to challenge themselves. Since it is a rare language and the examples online often contain spelling mistakes, it is essential to approach online human translation services to ask for beautiful phrases or check the list of what you could discover. Some great ideas that you should think of may include your personal qualities or talk about the things you truly love. For example, “rhyfelwr” stands for “warrior”, while “nerth” stands for “strength”. It’s one of those languages that will turn you into a special person. 

The Challenges of Translation

Unfortunately, tattoo artists that are multilingual often encounter situations when their customers come up with some ideas in Spanish or German that might have been translated with the help of Google Translate or similar tools. It results in strange and even offensive phrases that have a totally different meaning compared to what an unsuspecting person may assume. It makes it essential to check the phrase twice and ask professional linguists about all the possible meanings and perceptions of the phrase before any tattooing work starts. It’s recommended to choose safe phrases or famous quotes that have already been checked by native speakers. It will help you to avoid mistakes and will not bring up shy smiles from the foreigners as they see your tattoo.

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