Getting Tattoos is a Shortcut to Find Dates?

Something about inked men and women that is so appealing and sexy. Some folks go that far and insist that their potential partner must have a tattoo. The main reason they’ve turned on by ink is the open and creative mind that comes with it. That appeals to many men and women, to know that there’s a free spirit in front of them. Another reason is pain tolerance. If somebody tattooed their whole back, they could take the pain. That can come in handy later when things move to the bedroom. People put tattoos on their bodies when they want to mark an occasion, commemorate somebody, or permanently honor something. Since so many people love ink and tattoos, one can wonder if getting a tattoo means an easier way to get a date. Hopefully, people tattoo because they want to, not just to score in the bed more often.

Besides, having a tattoo is not good enough of a reason for people to stay together. Read on and see what it means to have a tattoo.

A Tattoo is a Good Ice-breaker on Dating Sites

We all know that everything is online, and dating is no exception. When you enter the world of online dating, in the beginning, it can be hard to start a conversation with a possible partner. People think that joining a dating platform means simpler chatting, which is true. But finding a topic that can both break the ice and keep the convo running can be tricky.

Having a tattoo is an excellent ice-breaker on a sexy dating site with the ability to chat live. If you have a lot of tattoos, your partner will ask about them. Where, when, and why did you get them, did it hurt, and how many sessions did it take to make them… so many questions and ways to present yourself and talk more deeply about. Some will tell you that certain tattoo spots turn them on, so you can use that to your advantage later on.

Tattoos Still Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

Being tattooed is not unusual as it used to be; people of all ages and races have tattoos. Still, they can help you stand out from the crowd. Humans love to express themselves through clothes and hair color. That way, they can show their individuality and how they perceive the world around them. Some will use tattoos as a way of standing out. That can be a big and bold tattoo across the back. Or a sleeve on the arms and legs. People also choose iconic scenes from their favorite movies, books, or history. Others turn to colors, bright and vibrant colors that can almost be seen in the dark. Whatever way you choose to express yourself through a tattoo, we’re sure you’ll be noticed, maybe even asked about that tattoo.

Society Perceives Inked People as Adventurous

Some NBA stars are covered in tattoos even though they aren’t adventurous. But society sees people with tattoos as adventurous. In some areas, they are still only for criminals in the eyes of closed-minded people.

Inked people are more adventurous because there’s no place for fear when on an adventure or in a tattoo salon. Once you start the journey, there’s no turning back. Braveness and fearlessness are something we connect to adventurous people or tattooed ones.

In the past, tattooed people were high on a social scale or were great warriors and leaders. Today, tattoos are popular and can be found on almost everybody. They represent meaningful events, people, and places for their owners.

Of course, just because we perceive somebody as adventurous, that doesn’t have to be true. There are a lot of people who will get inked just to show their status symbol or dominance. Some will even go that far and tattoo disrespectful motives that we hope are not that often and that tattoo artists do not do.

Excessive Tattooing Maybe a Turn-off for Some

Yeah, a tattoo or two is sexy. Even five or six. Even the whole back can be tattooed and sexy. But not for all. Just like anything, there are things some will love, some will hate. That’s just the way things work. One girl can fall head over heels for an overly tattooed man. She loves the ink, the color, the place of the tattoo, everything. And the guy will end up on a date with a girl who is a sucker for tattoos.

A man can also meet a nice, hot girl with whom he clicked and talked for hours. But once she learned that he got many tattoos, things ended. She couldn’t stand overly tattooed guys, and that’s ok. Not everything is for everyone. So think before you ink if the reason for your tattooing is just to get more dates.

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