The Most Popular Sports Teams Tattoos In The World

Sports are a huge passion for a lot of people. They almost become an integral part of a person’s life. And then you start talking about teams and how they affect some fans, and you could go as far as describing them as almost family members. Ultimately it’s led to a lot of supporters wanting to show how much their team means to them, and tattoos have become a way to do this.

And when you think about it, it makes sense, right? Yes, you can go to games or watch on from home to show how much your sports team means to you, but at times you’re going to want to do more. You will want to go the extra mile. Thus it is normal to see this via various activities like backing your team when reviewing betting markets at bwin as well as other well known sportsbooks, buying merchandise, and, of course, having a tattoo dedicated to your team, be it their crest, famous players and/or event.

When it comes to sports teams’ tattoos, one thing is for sure; they’re more common in certain parts of the world than others. For example, the country where they’re regularly seen are always countries where sports play a significant role in people’s daily lives or the country has a rich sporting history. Two prime examples of this are the United Kingdom and its relationship with football (soccer). As well as the United States, with its relationship with a raft of American sports, such as the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA.

Leicester City Tattoo

What’s interesting about tattoos people have in the UK based on their favourite sports teams is that it’s not necessarily the best teams that are most commonly seen inked on people’s bodies. Yes, there are fans of teams such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea who have tattoos and will have had them for a long while. But a lot of it comes down to history and tradition, which is why these pieces of art are regularly seen on the arms, legs, chests and backs of older fans.

So, it’s not uncommon to see fans of teams that are steeped in history have tattoos about their person. Football clubs such as Ipswich Town and Sheffield Wednesday are prime examples where tattoos have long been popular, but the teams haven’t been at the top of the sport for a while. And in some respects, the same could be said about American sports too and how popular tattoos are in relation to achievement and history.

In terms of the most tattooed sports teams in the US and Canada, some are way out in front where popularity is concerned; Toronto Maple Leafs, Denver Broncos, Philadephia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Penguins. But, as time goes on, this could all change, as tattoos are very much a part of a movement these days, and more people enjoy having detailed pieces done that will often include the sports teams close to their heart.