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Before getting tattooed with any of these beautiful designs you must be aware of Marine Corps tattoos policies. The USMC regularly updates there rules and regulations about tattoos. A United States Marine Corps corporal cannot have a tattoo on certain parts of the body. So even if you pick your design from here you must choose the right body part for them by yourself. Here are 50 amazing marine corps tattoos for navy men –

Marine corps orders on tattoos

1. USMC has many motivational slogans and one very popular and followed slogan is ‘DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR’. You can get this slogan inked on your shoulder.
Marine Corps Tattoos

2. Today the USMC is one of the most advanced navies in the world but there were times when technology was not so advance. You can have a Marine corps tattoo inspired from Navy of the 1800s.
Battle Marine Corps Tattoos Design

3. One very common marine corps tattoo idea would be to get your battalion name inked on your bicep or shoulder.
1st Battle Marine Corps Tattoos Design

4. Women who have their husband or boyfriend in United States Marine Corps (USMC) can also have tattoo on their body dedicated to them.
3D Marine Corps Tattoos On Biceps

5. Even though the war is the scariest time period yet it is unavoidable. You can have a tattoo design that perfectly summarizes a navy man life.
Amazing Marine Corps Tattoos Design
american traditional dagger tattoo meaning

Marine Corps Tattoos Ideas

6. Unites States Marine corps is also known as devil dogs (as described by German Soldiers during WW1). You can have a devil dog tattoo on your chest or back like this.
Angry USMC Buldog Tattoos Design

7. If you have seen the film APOCALYPSE NOW then you might be aware of the fact that many celebrities and models visit marine corps and entertain them.
Beautiful Marine Corps Tattoos Design

8. You can have a simple shield logo on your bicep along with the word ‘USMC’ inked below it.
Best Marine HD Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. The emblem of USMC includes an eagle, an anchor and the globe. You can have USMC emblem tattoo on your body.
standard usmc grooming rules.
Best Marine Tattoos Design

10. Bulldog is the mascot of USMC so there are many popular designs of bulldog tattoos. You can opt for anyone from them for yourself. You should read about the standard usmc groomingrules.
Best USMC And Buldog Tattoos Design And Ideas
chinese tattoo designs for women

Devil Dog Tattoo Designs

11. Before getting a Marine Corps tattoo design you must know the Marine Corps tattoo regulations. It is against the policy of USMC to have tattoos on hand.
Buldog Marine Corps Tattoos Design On Hands

12. You can also opt for temporary USMC tattoo designs and they will perfectly fit when you on a holiday or leave.
Colored Marine Corps Tattoos Design And Ideas

13. If you want to have a word tattoo design then there is no better word than the ‘USMC’. You can get it tattooed on your chest or arm.
Cool USMC Tattoos Design And Meaning

14. Honour, courage, and commitment are three major mottos of USMC. If you wish you can get them inked along with your USMC emblem tattoo design.
Cute Marine Corps Tattoos Design And Ideas

15. The USMC emblem tattoo is very popular among navy men and there are different variations available of the emblem tattoo. You should pick the black ink version.
Eagle For A Marine US

16. You can add your battalion number to your USMC emblem tattoo design but it must perfectly blend with your tattoo.
Fabulous And Cool Marine Corps Tattoos Design

17. Semper Fidelis is the motto of USMC and it stands for always faithful. Many navy men opt for Semper fi tattoos.
Great Marine Corps Tattoos Design

18. Semper fi tattoos along with the USMC emblem tattoo will look even more beautiful and graceful.
Latest Marine Corps Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. Another cool USMC seal tattoo idea would be getting the whole tattoo done in the style of the American flag. I don’t think there would any more patriotic tattoo then this.
Lovely And Cute Marine Corps Tattoos Design

20. If you ever opt for a patriotic tattoo then do not get it on the lower part of the body as it would be disrespecting the nations (especially if it is a tattoo of your nation’s flag).
Marine Corps 3D Flag Tattoos Design On Legs

marine Corps Bulldog Tattoos

21. Usually Marine Corps do not get enough time to shave their hairs on body. It is okay and you can have a tattoo on hairy body too.
Marine Corps And Cross Tattoos Design On Chest

22. Remember that having a tattoo on the forearm is against marine corps policies so opt it only for a short period of time.
Marine Corps And Font Tattoos Design On Elbow

23. This is a beautiful Marine Corps tattoo where the artist used the color of USMC’s uniform.
Marine Corps And Skull Tattoos Design

24. I don’t think it is a good idea to show the horrors of war in a tattoo design but then again sometimes we have to send messages to people so that they can understand the importance of peace.
Marine Corps Army Fight Tattoos Design

25. Coloring matters a lot in USMC tattoos because you would never want to give a wrong color to your flag or your navy seal.
Marine Corps Army Tattoos Design And Ideas

26. As Marine corps sometimes have to survive in tough weather conditions so there are good chances that your USMC tattoo will fade away sooner than later.
Marine Corps Army Tattoos Design For Men

27. A creative tattoo artist can come up with a brilliant and unique Marine Corps tattoo design like this. Here the artist used logos of major mottos of USMC.
Marine Corps Biceps Tattoos Design

28. It is not necessary to get the USMC devil dogs tattoo design in a typical look. You can add vibrant colors to it along with strong and manly facial emotions.
Marine Corps Buldog Tattoos Design And Ideas

29. Marine Corps is known to make strong friendship or brotherhood with each other. So it is common to have matching tattoos among marine corps.
Marine Corps Clear Up Privacy Policy

30. Size and placement matters a lot in USMC tattoos. So make sure that your tattoo does not violate the tattooing policy of Marine Corps.
Marine Corps Eagle Tattoos Ideas

Usmc Tricep tattoos

31. Many navy men prefer to have USMC uniform tattoos. Here is a beautiful tattoo design for them.
Marine Corps Gun Tattoos Design On Biceps

32. You can ask the tattoo artist to give a realistic look to the USMC seal but remember only experienced tattoo artist can do this.
Marine Corps New Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. Veteran Marine corps prefer to have tattoos that are inspired from either world war 1 or world war 2. Here is a good USMC tattoo design for them.
Marine Corps Tattoos Orders

34. You can also opt for a guardian angel tattoo design and it will represent good luck and positive hope.
Marine Corps Tattoos Pics

35. USMC tattoos are ideally not used as cover up tattoos because they have high significance and they represent a wide range of emotions.
Marine Corps Tattoos Pictures

36. If you wish to prefer the USMC letter tattoo design then one way to do it is vertically.
Marine Corps Tattoos Policy 2017

37. Never let your USMC tattoo design fade away because it is much more than just a tattoo design. It defines your personality and your point of view.
Marine Corps Tattoos Policy For Officer

38. You can try a unique USMC tattoo design like this where the artist added an eye patch on a skull along with eagle wings and sword.
Marine Corps Tattoos Policy

39. Marine corps often gets to see beautiful marine life. If you have an interest in the life of sea animals then you can opt for a marine animal tattoo design like this.
Marine Ink New Tattoos Design

40. It is better to give a serious look to your USMC tattoo design because that tattoo will define your attitude toward your enemies and for your country.
Marines Ink Tattoos Rules

Usmc Letter tattoo designs

41. You can also opt for an animated marine corps tattoo design as it will fade away after some time and you can show case it during your holidays.
Most Beautiful 3D Marine Tattoos Design On Legs

42. Semper FI shortened for Semper Fidelis is one of the oldest and most popular motto of USMC. Semper fi tattoo design will suit corporals with Latin heritage.
New Marine Corps Tattoos Design And Ideas

43. Skull tattoo designs are also popular among marine corps and they are also very meaningful for a marine corporal life.
Nice Skull Marine Corps Tattoos Design

44. I don’t think your senior officers would be impressed of you for a pirate skull tattoo design but it will look good if you returned from your services.
Skull Marine Corps Tattoos Design And Ideas

45. A compass tattoo design will also be significant and meaningful of a USMC soldier. You can try it on your sleeves.
Top Marine Corps Tattoos Design And Ideas For Boys

46. While many prefer the short USMC letter tattoos you can also go for the whole world ‘United States Marine Corps’.
US Marine Corps Tattoos Design For Men

47. A beautiful combination for Marine Corps tattoo would be to get the devil dog tattoo inked along with the USMC letter tattoo.
USMC Tattoos Design And Policy

48. Honestly, I don’t know what the hat tattoo will mean for a marine corporal. Can anybody tell me about it in comments?
Very Beautiful Marine Corps Tattoo Design

49. Sword and Shield tattoo design always look good on army men and warriors. You can have it either on the chest or on back.
Wonderful Marine Corps Tattoos Design

50. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have a modified USMC seal tattoo. Here the artist replaced the globe with the heart in the USMC seal.
Heart And Eagle Marine Corps Tattoos Design

Which Marine corps tattoo would you suggest your navy friends?

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