50+ Traditional Chinese Tattoos Ideas for Females & Meanings (2024)

Chinese tattoos are mainly popular due to stylish fonts and symbols. They are not just popular among Asian men and women but also have a considerable fan following among western people. Here we have chosen 50 stylish Chinese tattoo design that can be opted by both men and women –

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

1. Chinese tattoos can also be styled inhuman silhouettes. Here is one such Chinese tattoo design on the back shoulder of the boy.
Chinese Tattoos

2. One good thing about Chinese font tattoos is that they can be styled either vertically or horizontally and in both styles, they will look good.
Amazing Chinese Tattoo On Leg

3. You can make your Chinese tattoo even more beautiful by adding various colors to it in the style of paint.
Best Chinese Tattoos

4. China is rich in flora and fauna. You can get a Chinese animal tattooed on your body.
Black Ink Chinese Tattoos

5. Chinese animation is just like the Japanese anime. Here is one cat tattoo design inspired from Doraemon.
Chinese Cat Tattoos
unicorn tattoos for females

6. If you want a dragon tattoo design hen go for Chinese dragon tattoo. It is different from Japanese dragon tattoo and European dragon tattoo.
Chinese Dragon Tattoos Ideas

7. Chinese dragon tattoo looks older than Japanese dragon tattoo and they also have moustache on them.
Chinese Dragon Tattoos

8. Chinese tattoos have weird scripts that are not understood by many and therefore you should
Chinese Map Tattoos

9. As I said earlier Chinese fonts can be styled in either way. Here is one laid out Chinese tattoo on the upper shoulder of this boy.
Chinese Name Tattoos On Upper Shoulder

10. You can also try for Chinese font tattoos on both forearms. It will surely look weird but again it will start conversation with people. You should take a look on easy chinese words that you can use in your tattoo design.
Chinese Sleeve Tattoos
toe tattoos to cover corns

chinese tattoos for women

11. If you have a Chinese kid then you can surely dedicate a portrait tattoo to your child.
Chinese Symbol For Family

12. I would never recommend you to get a Chinese tattoo on your chest but if you have knowledge of Chinese scripts the go for it.
Chinese Symbol For Love

13. Don’t try too much variety because you might get confused and won’t be able to describe the meaning of your Chinese tattoo.
Chinese Symbols And Meanings Tattoos

14. Make sure you use a right font style and ink for your Chinese tattoos or otherwise it will be confusing a lot.
Chinese Tattoos For Biceps

15. Non-Chinese people will look weird and odd if they get a full back tattoo in Chinese script. Therefore I would not suggest it.
Chinese Tattoos For Guys

16. A cool Chinese idea for western people would be to get tattoo of popular Chinese sages, celebrities and saints.
Chinese Tattoos For Men

17. Girls and Boys both can opt for geisha tattoos. Although they are considered part of Japanese tattoo culture there are many elements shared by these two great cultures.
Chinese Tattoos For Women

18. Even if you want a Chinese script or Chinese font tattoo design then opt for one word tattoo that could easily cover up wrist.
Chinese Tattoos On Ankle

19. There are many Chinese symbols and signs that are closely related to each other. One can hardly distinguish between them. You can get a tattoo with all such similar symbols.
Chinese Tattoos On Arm

20. Just like other parts of the ancient world, Chinese too gave special preferences to pyramids and triangular objects. You can have one such tattoo design.
Chinese Tattoos On Chest

chinese tattoos for females

21. Behind the ear is probably the best place to get a Chinese tattoo because that way not everyone will bother you questioning the meaning of your tattoo.
Chinese Tattoos On Ear Behind

22. One interesting Chinese tattoo idea would be to get matching Chinese symbol tattoo. Couples and siblings can go for it.
Chinese Tattoos On Finger

23. Gautam Buddha had a lot of impact on Chinese culture. You can get a Buddha tattoo design on your chest or back./
Chinese Tattoos On Full Back

24. There are a lot of paintings and drawings of Chinese artists available online on sites like Deviantart. You can pick up your favorite design for a tattoo.
Chinese Tattoos On Neck Back

25. Please promise me that you will never ever try a Chinese tattoo on rib cage especially in this large size font.
Chinese Tattoos On Rib

26. Many Chinese symbols are considered lucky and bring good spirit in house. You can have tattoo of such Chinese symbols.
Chinese Tattoos On Wrist

27. Forearm is also a good place to get Chinese tattoo but it should be meaningful and non-repetitive.
Chinese Tattoos Pictures

28. China is a huge land and you will find many Buddhist monasteries in remote parts of the country. You can have a Buddhist monastery tattoo on your hand.
Chinese Temple Tattoos

29. Chinese taught the art of war to the world. You can have a sword tattoo on your back or bicep to show this.
Chinese Weapons Tattoos

30. Coloring around a Chinese script tattoo might make the tattoo meaningless so opt for this only if it adds beauty to the tattoo.
Colorful Chinese Tattoos

chinese tattoos with meaning

31. The Yin and Yang tattoo design is very popular in Chinese and Japanese culture. Here is a Yin Yang tattoo design made up of Koi Fish.
Cool Chinese Koi Fish Tattoos

32. Chinese culture also gives a lot of preference to astronomical bodies especially sun and moon. Here are a beautiful black and white sun and moon tattoo design.
Cool Chinese Moon And Sun Tattoos

33. One important lesson taught by Chinese culture is that there should always be a balance between good and evil. Here is one such tattoo that shows the importance of balance in character and life.
Cute Chinese Tattoos

34. I would admire such Chinese tattoos that start from the end of the back neck and goes down to the lower back. They are the most beautiful tattoo designs.
Fine Chinese Tattoos For Girls

35. If you have read popular Chinese books and novels then you will surely know that they beautifully illustrate things with their drawings.
Flower With Chinese Tattoos

36. NO! Please don’t get such long Chinese tattoo design on your sleeve. If you still opt for it then do know the meaning of this Chinese tattoo.
Full Arm Chinese Tattoos

37. If you opt for a Chinese monk tattoo then make sure that he/she is clearly visible and is wearing proper Chinese attire.
Guanyin Chinese Tattoos

38. Apart from the fire breathing dragon, Chinese culture introduced many other mythical creatures. You can get a tattoo of one such mythical creature.
Half Sleeve Chinese Tattoos

39. Koi fish is considered lucky in both Chinese and Japanese culture. You can get a realistic koi fish tattoo design on your arms or legs.
Koi Fish Chinese Tattoos

40. Another impressive and attractive Chinese tattoo idea would be to get a bracelet design made up of Chinese fonts.
Little Chinese Tattoos

chinese tattoo designs for women

41. As I said behind the ear is one best place to get Chinese tattoo. Here is one Chinese tattoo design for men.
Lovely Chinese Neck Tattoos For Boys

42. To be honest this looks like Chinese illustration of Hindu God Shiva. According to Hindu Puranas, Shiv had his whole body covered with venomous snakes.
Medusa Chinese Tattoos On Full Back

43. Again I would admit that small Chinese tattoo design will look way better than their larger counterparts. What do you say?
Mini Chinese Tattoos

44. Here is a mix tattoo design that shows the hand fan and mountain landscape.
Nice Chinese Tattoos

45. Instead of going for complicated Chinese tattoo design you can opt for simple yin and yang tattoo design like this.
Poke Ball Chinese Tattoos

46. This Chinese script tattoo design on the hand of this boy will look good in temporary way so avoid it.
Red Black Ink Chinese Tattoos

47. You will find a lot of Chinese tattoo fails on internet but there are also good looking Chinese tattoo like this.
Small Chinese Tattoos

48. Every culture in this world has their own way of describing the devil. You can get a Devil tattoo design in Chinese avatar.
Tradition Chinese Tattoos

49. Bamboo is the most used wood in China. You can get a bamboo tattoo design on your hand or thigh.
Tree With Chinese Tattoos

50. Here is one beautiful Chinese font tattoo design on the back forearm of this girl.
Unbreakable Chinese Tattoos

So which Chinese tattoo design you liked the most and why?

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