64 Best Wolf Tattoo Designs for Men and Women (2018)

Wolf tattoo is one of my favorite animal-related tattoos. This is because wolves have so many mysteries surrounding them. Certain species of wolves were domesticated and trained for thousands of years. All the breeds of dogs have evolved from wolves. Even though there are many theories that suggest otherwise but still we would there is strong evidence to prove that wolves are ancestors of dog.

Anyways wolf tattoos has a huge fan following and here we have selected 64 wolf tattoos that you can try on your body –

Wolf tattoo Designs

1.3d Animal tattoos have their own charm and grace. This is the reason why I would suggest you to opt for 3d wolf tattoo instead of a simple one.
3d Wolf Tattoo

2. Abstract art have always attracted art loves. This abstract wolf tattoo design on forearm will suit those people who are looking for unique tattoos.
Abstract Wolf Tattoo

3. Have you tried double exposure tattoo art? I personally find it amusing. This amazing wolf tattoo design is inspired by the double exposure tattoo art.
Amazing Wolf Tattoos

4. If you have an angry young man hidden inside you or if you are the leader of your wolf pack then it is only meant to have an angry wolf tattoo.
Angry Wolf Tattoos

5. In my opinion realistic wolf tattoos are the best wolf tattoo designs. See for yourself, this tattoo design is appealing due to its realistic art.
best Wolf Tattoos

6. Wolf naturally exists in grey and white color. However black wolf also exists due to mutation. People are usually attracted to black wolves as they are scary.
black Wolf Tattoo

7. Celts people used to take wolves for hunting. This is the reason why celtic wolves are popular among tattoo lovers.
celtic Wolf Tattoo

8. Most tattoo artist recommend howling wolf tattoos because they are the coolest designs. You can make them even better by trying an abstract version.
cool Wolf Tattoos

9. Game Of Thrones made the dire wolf tattoos immensely popular. However, I would suggest you try them only if you consider yourself a pure soul.
dire Wolf Tattoos

10. Wolf tattoos are not just for men but in fact women can try them too. You can try an alpha female wolf tattoo design on your back.
female Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

11. Geometric animal shapes are always eye catching. Here is a geometric wolf tattoo on the chest of this boy.
Geometric Wolf Tattoo

12. Girl can have a beautiful watercolour wolf tattoo. It won’t suit men as much as it would suit girls.
girl Wolf Tattoos

13. Howling wolf became a popular icon after the popularity of werewolves. Many boys who are attracted to werewolves love to have howling wolf tattoo on their body.
howling Wolf Tattoo

14. Japanese wolf was not as big as the grey wolf. They are more like small dogs and are very cute. Here is an angry Japanese wolf tattoo that will suit boys who have a soft heart but short temperament.
Japanese Wolf Tattoo

15. No matter how cool lone wolf word sounds but the truth is lone wolves cannot survive the winter. Even Sansa Stark admitted it. Try Lone wolf tattoo only if you are fed up with society.
Lone Wolf Tattoos

16. Do you know that many Alpha male and female wolves are exclusive to each other? That’s pretty cute and romantic thing from the animal point of view. You can have a matching wolf tattoo design with your other half.
Matching Wolf Tattoos

17. You do not have to opt for a fully elaborated wolf tattoo. A Minimalist wolf tattoo like this will also look beautiful.
minimalist Wolf Tattoos

18. Native Americans also shared a special relationship with wolves. If your roots are native American then you should try native American wolf tattoo.
Native American Wolf Tattoos

19. Traditional wolf tattoos might not look amazing by variants like neo traditional wolf tattoos always look impressive.
neo traditional Wolf Tattoos

20. Old school wolf tattoos are not so common but if you opt for one then try colors like golden or sapphire in it.
old school Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos For Men

21. I don’t think thigh is an ideal place for wolf tattoos especially realistic wolf tattoo. However this beautiful design was too hard to ignore.
realistic Wolf Tattoos

22. Red Wolves are not as popular as grey wolves but when it comes to tattoo I bet red wolf tattoo leave a better impression than grey wolves.
red Wolf Tattoos

23. If you want a simple wolf tattoo design then you can either follow the logo of House Stark from Game of Thrones or try a howling wolf tattoo like this.
Simple Wolf Tattoos

24. Small size tattoos have their own charm. Look at this small wolf tattoo on the hand of this lady. Don’t you think it is adorable?
small Wolf Tattoos

25. Wolf growl is one of its unique features that put the fear in victim’s mind. Here is a snarling wolf tattoo that can be tried on bicep as well.
Snarling Wolf Tattoos

26. There are many fan arts of american TV series Teen Wolf. Here is a beautiful tattoo design inspired from Teen Wolf.
teen Wolf Tattoos

27. I don’t find traditional wolf tattoos attractive. But if you have an unconditional love for old school tattoos then this design might suit you.
traditional Wolf Tattoos

28. I am always attracted to tribal animal tattoo design. This tribal wolf tattoo is almost perfect.
tribal Wolf Tattoos

29. Two wolf tattoos will suit couples or even siblings and best friends. Here is an idea for such tattoo.
two Wolf Tattoos

30. Viking wolves were unbelievably large and very aggressive. If you want a Viking wolf tattoo then you should try it on a broader body part like chest or back.
Viking Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos For Women

31. Like all watercolour tattoos, watercolour wolf tattoo will also fade away quickly and become unrecognizable. Try it only if you don’t mind a meaningless spot on your bdoy.
watercolour Wolf Tattoos

32. This realistic wolf tattoo on the chest is not for fainted hearts. It will cause a lot of pain. So try it only if you can withstand the pain in the chest.
white Wolf Tattoos

33. Crow is considered cunning while wolves are considered noble. So a wolf and crow tattoo will have a deep meaning as it will show two different personalities of a person.
Wolf and crowTattoos

34. Another popular combination is wolf and dragon tattoo. Both are fearless. These tattoos are on rise ever since Jon Snow n@iled his aunt Daenerys.
Wolf and dragon Tattoos

35. Ravens were used to send long distance messages; while wolves were trained to protect human colonies.Wolf and raven tattoo is a cool combination.
Wolf and raven Tattoos

36. Trying a wolf tattoo on full back is not a good idea. However you can try it on back shoulder like this.
Wolf back Tattoos

37. Wolf eye tattoo also have unique appeal. Try such tattoos on forearm only.
Wolf eye Tattoos

38. I don’t think there is anyone in this world who would dislike a wolf claw tattoo. See for yourself how beautiful they look.
Wolf claw Tattoos

39. Dreamcatcher is considered a lucky ornament. It is a good idea to try a wolf dreamcatcher tattoo but it should not be so big in size.
Wolf dreamcatcher Tattoos

40. If you opt for wolf face tattoo then try straight face tattoos as snarling faces do not leave good impact on viewers.
Wolf face Tattoos

Wolf Tattoo Ideas

41. Wolf lives in pack so they are perfect choice for family tattoos. You can have matching wolf tattoos with your siblings denoting a strong bond with them.
Wolf family Tattoos

42. If you want a wolf tattoo on forearm then it is only meaningful to add some trees to the background.
Wolf forearm Tattoos

43. Adding flower vine to your wolf tattoo design shows that you are a peace loving person but you can surely defend yourself if provoked.
Wolf girl Tattoos

44. If you opt for black wolf head tattoo then I would suggest you to try showing fur of the wolf as the animal take it as a pride.
Wolf head Tattoos

45. There is no relation between wolf howling and phases of the moon. However, in fiction, this is related to future disasters. Many people love to have a wolf howling at the moon as a tattoo.
Wolf moon Tattoos

46. Personally I don’t think Neck is an ideal place for wolf tattoo but still if you want one then try it in small or medium size.
Wolf neck Tattoos

47. If you wish to dedicate a tattoo to your new born child then try a wolf cub outline tattoo just like this.
Wolf outline Tattoos

48. You can made your paw tattoo even more attractive by adding the face of the wolf to it.
Wolf paw Tattoos

49. Here is another version of wolf and moon tattoo where a full moon is shown in a wolf silhouette.
Wolf silhouette Tattoos

50. A really cool combination is wolf and skull tattoo which I think will suit bikers.
Wolf skull Tattoos

Here are 14 more wolf tattoo ideas that I found really amazing –
Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos

Which wolf tattoo design from the above photo gallery you liked the most?