50 Badass Skull Tattoos for Men and Women (2017)

Skull Sleeve Tattoos

41. This amazing skull tattoo design is made using various colored inks. The artist beautifully added a bird, a feather and flowers to this tattoo.
skull thigh tattoos

42. How about try a small simple and tiny skull tattoo design? This emo skull tattoo design is perfect example of it.
small skull tattoos

43. I would not advise you to try skull tattoo on face but if necessary you can opt for a sugar skull face tattoo on other body part as shown in this picture.
sugar skull face tattoos

44. Many artists like to add hear to the sugar tattoo designs. You can either have the heart shape in place for nose hole or you can try this design as well.
sugar skull tattoos ideas

45. Pink and purple color plays a vital role in sugar skull tattoos. I would advise you to try yellow color as well.
sugar skull tattoos

46. You can show burning fire or lava in the holes of your skull tattoo design and it will give a feeling of immense danger.
traditional skull tattoos

47. Tribal versions of popular tattoos are always loved by people. Here is a tribal skull tattoo design that is too beautiful to ignore.
tribal skull tattoos

48. Placement of skull tattoos can really make them unique or average. For example this guy decided to have a skull tattoo on ankle and it is impressive.
unique skull tattoos

49. You can try skull tattoo that resembles ancient warriors. Viking skull tattoos and roman skull tattoos are very popular for this. You have to focus on their armour as well.
viking skull tattoos

50. If you want to have a temporary skull tattoo then you should get one made using watercolours or pastel colors like this.
watercolor skull tattoos

Which skull tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?