50 Badass Skull Tattoos for Men and Women (2017)

There is a deep meaning behind skull tattoos. First of all they should not be just related to death and depression. Skull tattoos can be used to describe the beauty of afterlife. They can be used to pass the message of love and brotherhood. Every one dies and there body rot to Skeleton. This is a way of nature to tell us that from inside we are all same – insecure and vulnerable. Skull tattoos can be used to show your faith in god and peace. Here are 50 skull tattoos designs that you can try for yourself –

Skull Tattoo Ideas

1. Artist usually ignores 3D tattoos style of skull tattoo because they are hard to do but honestly they are the most impressive version and you must try them.
3d skull tattoos
2. Most people opt for skull tattoos because they want to look badass. So why not try badass skull tattoos? How about this really cool design?
badass skull tattoos
3. Candy skull tattoos are made popular by the Mexican festival Day of the Dead. Here is a calavera tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
candy skull tattoos
4. The word cute and skull do not go along in one sentence but people actually search for cute skull tattoos. Now here is a really pretty and cute skull tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl.
cute skull tattoos
5. Here is another day of the dead skull tattoo design and you can wear this temporarily on the day of the dead festival.
day of the dead skull tattoos
6. People are not just interested in human skull tattoos but they are also interested in animal skull tattoos as well. Here is a deer skull tattoo on hand of this man.
deer skull tattoos
7. Day of the dead is known as Dia de muertos in Mexico and it is the biggest celebrated festival in the country. Here is Dia De Muertos skull tattoo design.
dia de los muertos skull tattoos
8. Men should try angry and evil skull tattoos instead of cute ones. Here is an angry skull tattoo design on the forearm of this guy.
evil skull tattoos
9. If your skull tattoo has faded away then you can restyle it with a girly look. Here is a feminine skull tattoo that is made beautiful using flower tattoo designs.
feminine skull tattoos
10. Adding flames to your skull tattoo design make it look even more impressive. Here is a flaming skull tattoo design that will suit bikers.
flaming skull tattoos

Sugar Skull Tattoos

11. You will find a lot of creativeness in day of the dead skull tattoos. Look at this girl skull tattoo that is inspired from the makeup worn by women on this day.
girl skull tattoos
12. If you wish to have a girly skull tattoo design then you should add flower designs too it. But adding too many flowers will ruin its beauty.
girly skull tattoos
13. If you want to try a really scary tattoo then the best option for you is to try goat skull tattoo. You have to make the horns of the goat abnormally large in size like this.
goat skull tattoos
14. Instead of trying large size tattoos you can also opt for small size Mexican skull tattoos as shown in this picture.
mexican skull tattoos
15. Here is a creative owl tattoo and skull tattoo design. Both skull and owl are considered scary and have a mystic look. Therefore it is a perfect and meaningful combination.
owl and skull tattoos
16. Why not put a skull tattoo design in realistic scenario? For example here is a skull tattoo design inspired from the three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi.
realism skull tattoos
17. Realistic skull tattoos are hard to achieve. Only an experienced tattoo artist can do it. You should find best tattoo shops near you to try this design.
realistic skull tattoos
18. Instead of trying highly complex skull tattoos you can try simple skull tattoos that will suit any guy. For example this tattoo will suit almost any person.
simple skull tattoos
19. Skull and bone tattoos are used to represent danger. If you consider yourself a dangerous person than trying this tattoo would be a Meta reference.
skull and bone tattoos
20. The placement of flower matters a lot in skull flower tattoos. This skull and rose tattoo looks beautiful due to the addition of leaves too.
skull and rose tattoos

Skull Tattoos For Men

21. Couples can try matching skull tattoos and a cool idea would be to tie up two skulls along with pretty flowers just like this. This is a perfect couple tattoo idea.
skull and roses tattoos
22. Skull and snake tattoo is not a popular combination but if you wish to try it then why not opt for a traditional version like this.
skull and snake tattoos
23. Skull and sword tattoo is also a good combination to try. Here is a dagger that is testing the patience of a skull by going across it.
skull and sword tattoos
24. Many women try to have butterfly tattoo with every other tattoo design. Here is a skull butterfly tattoo that might look weird to many but it surely is unique.
skull butterfly tattoos
25. My favourite kind of skull tattoos are large size inked on chest. You can try skull and wings tattoo design on chest and trust me they would look amazing.
skull chest tattoos
26. Do you want to give a metaphor in your skull tattoo? You should try skull and clock tattoo because in the end time wins and man dies.
skull clock tattoos
27. Many couples like to try sugar skull tattoo designs. I recommend them to try small size skull tattoos as they are much better and meaningful.
skull couple tattoos
28. Do you want to up your tattoo game one level? I would suggest you to try a realistic skull tattoo on your fingers like this.
skull finger tattoos
29. Ever tried a blackwork skull tattoo design? This neo tribal skull tattoo on hand of this guy is a perfect example of how beautiful black ink skull tattoos would look like.
skull hand tattoos
30. Now I won’t ask you to try a skull tattoo on head but there are many who are interested in such ideas. If you are one among them then here is a picture for you.
skull head tattoos

Skull Tattoos For Women

31. Women can wear skull tattoo as necklace as well. Here is a beautiful skull tattoo design that is inked around the neck of this girl like a necklace.
skull necklace tattoos
32. If you wish to try skull tattoo as a sleeve tattoo then I would suggest you to try king skull tattoo with crown and clock.
skull sleeve tattoos
33. Usually tattoo artist do not show eye in skull tattoos but I recommend you to try a skull tattoo with eye as it will look unique.
skull tattoos designs
34. Why try just black and grey skull tattoos when you can have really cool skull tattoos like this? It looks like skull of nebula from guardians of the Galaxy movies.
skull tattoos flash
35. An interesting skull tattoo idea for men would be to try a skull in a hoodie. Make it even more mysterious and attractive by adding playing cards to it.
skull tattoos for men
36. This traditional skull tattoo design looks funny at first but it surely is a cool idea for temporary time.
skull tattoos for women
37. If you want to have a unique skull tattoo design then try a skull tattoo with moustache just like this. It looks like a pirate skull tattoo.
skull tattoos meaning
38. You can show a warrior skull tattoo by adding some weapon to it. For example this artist added an edgy weapon to it.
skull tattoos on hand
39. Sites like tumblr, pinterest and deviantart are full of skull tattoo ideas. My favourite among them are the designs that shows galaxy as well.
skull tattoos tumblr
40. The background of this skull tattoo could have been modified a bit to give it more realistic look but still overall it is a beautiful tattoo.
skull tattoos

Skull Sleeve Tattoos

41. This amazing skull tattoo design is made using various colored inks. The artist beautifully added a bird, a feather and flowers to this tattoo.
skull thigh tattoos
42. How about try a small simple and tiny skull tattoo design? This emo skull tattoo design is perfect example of it.
small skull tattoos
43. I would not advise you to try skull tattoo on face but if necessary you can opt for a sugar skull face tattoo on other body part as shown in this picture.
sugar skull face tattoos
44. Many artists like to add hear to the sugar tattoo designs. You can either have the heart shape in place for nose hole or you can try this design as well.
sugar skull tattoos ideas
45. Pink and purple color plays a vital role in sugar skull tattoos. I would advise you to try yellow color as well.
sugar skull tattoos
46. You can show burning fire or lava in the holes of your skull tattoo design and it will give a feeling of immense danger.
traditional skull tattoos
47. Tribal versions of popular tattoos are always loved by people. Here is a tribal skull tattoo design that is too beautiful to ignore.
tribal skull tattoos
48. Placement of skull tattoos can really make them unique or average. For example this guy decided to have a skull tattoo on ankle and it is impressive.
unique skull tattoos
49. You can try skull tattoo that resembles ancient warriors. Viking skull tattoos and roman skull tattoos are very popular for this. You have to focus on their armour as well.
viking skull tattoos
50. If you want to have a temporary skull tattoo then you should get one made using watercolours or pastel colors like this.
watercolor skull tattoos

Which skull tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

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