145+ Badass Skull Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

There is a deep meaning behind skull tattoos. First of all, they should not be just related to death and depression. Skull tattoos can be used to describe the beauty of afterlife. They can be used to pass the message of love and brotherhood. Everyone dies and their body rots to Skeleton. This is a way of nature to tell us that from inside we are all same – insecure and vulnerable. Skull tattoos can be used to show your faith in God and peace. Here are 50 skull tattoos designs that you can try for yourself –

Skull Tattoo Ideas

1. Artist usually ignores 3D tattoos style of skull tattoo because they are hard to do but honestly, they are the most impressive version and you must try them.(California tattoos on arm)
3d skull tattoos

2. Most people opt for skull tattoos because they want to look badass. So why not try badass skull tattoos? How about this really cool design?
badass skull tattoos

3. Candy skull tattoos are made popular by the Mexican festival Day of the Dead. Here is a calavera tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
candy skull tattoos

4. The word cute and skull do not go along in one sentence but people actually search for cute skull tattoos. Now here is a really pretty and cute skull tattoo design on the rib cage of this girl.
cute skull tattoos

5. Here is another day of the dead skull tattoo design and you can wear this temporarily on the day of the dead festival.
day of the dead skull tattoos

6. People are not just interested in human skull tattoos but they are also interested in animal skull tattoos as well. Here is a deer skull tattoo on hand of this man.
deer skull tattoos

7. Day of the dead is known as Dia de muertos in Mexico and it is the biggest celebrated festival in the country. Here is Dia De Muertos skull tattoo design.
dia de los muertos skull tattoos

8. Men should try angry and evil skull tattoos instead of cute ones. Here is an angry skull tattoo design on the forearm of this guy.
evil skull tattoos

9. If your skull tattoo has faded away then you can restyle it with a girly look. Here is a feminine skull tattoo that is made beautiful using flower tattoo designs.
feminine skull tattoos

10. Adding flames to your skull tattoo design make it look even more impressive. Here is a flaming skull tattoo design that will suit bikers.
flaming skull tattoos