145+ Badass Skull Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Skull Tattoos For Women

31. Women can wear skull tattoo as necklace as well. Here is a beautiful skull tattoo design that is inked around the neck of this girl like a necklace.(Bad tattoos for face)
skull necklace tattoos

32. If you wish to try skull tattoo as a sleeve tattoo then I would suggest you to try king skull tattoo with crown and clock.
skull sleeve tattoos

33. Usually tattoo artist do not show eye in skull tattoos but I recommend you to try a skull tattoo with eye as it will look unique.
skull tattoos designs

34. Why try just black and grey skull tattoos when you can have really cool skull tattoos like this? It looks like skull of nebula from guardians of the Galaxy movies.
skull tattoos flash

35. An interesting skull tattoo idea for men would be to try a skull in a hoodie. Make it even more mysterious and attractive by adding playing cards to it.
skull tattoos for men

36. This traditional skull tattoo design looks funny at first but it surely is a cool idea for temporary time.
skull tattoos for women

37. If you want to have a unique skull tattoo design then try a skull tattoo with moustache just like this. It looks like a pirate skull tattoo.
skull tattoos meaning

38. You can show a warrior skull tattoo by adding some weapon to it. For example this artist added an edgy weapon to it.
skull tattoos on hand

39. Sites like tumblr, pinterest and deviantart are full of skull tattoo ideas. My favourite among them are the designs that shows galaxy as well.
skull tattoos tumblr

40. The background of this skull tattoo could have been modified a bit to give it more realistic look but still overall it is a beautiful tattoo.
skull tattoos