145+ Badass Skull Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Skull Tattoos For Men

21. Couples can try matching skull tattoos and a cool idea would be to tie up two skulls along with pretty flowers just like this. This is a perfect couple tattoo idea.(Inner bicep tattoos for female)
skull and roses tattoos

22. Skull and snake tattoo is not a popular combination but if you wish to try it then why not opt for a traditional version like this.
skull and snake tattoos

23. Skull and sword tattoo is also a good combination to try. Here is a dagger that is testing the patience of a skull by going across it.
skull and sword tattoos

24. Many women try to have butterfly tattoo with every other tattoo design. Here is a skull butterfly tattoo that might look weird to many but it surely is unique.
skull butterfly tattoos

25. My favourite kind of skull tattoos are large size inked on chest. You can try skull and wings tattoo design on chest and trust me they would look amazing.
skull chest tattoos

26. Do you want to give a metaphor in your skull tattoo? You should try skull and clock tattoo because in the end time wins and man dies.
skull clock tattoos

27. Many couples like to try sugar skull tattoo designs. I recommend them to try small size skull tattoos as they are much better and meaningful.
skull couple tattoos

28. Do you want to up your tattoo game one level? I would suggest you to try a realistic skull tattoo on your fingers like this.
skull finger tattoos

29. Ever tried a blackwork skull tattoo design? This neo tribal skull tattoo on hand of this guy is a perfect example of how beautiful black ink skull tattoos would look like.
skull hand tattoos

30. Now I won’t ask you to try a skull tattoo on head but there are many who are interested in such ideas. If you are one among them then here is a picture for you.
skull head tattoos