50 Best Phoenix Tattoo Designs & Ideas (2018)

Even though Phoenix tattoo is an old design but the popularity rose recently due to the success of Harry Potter films. Everyone loved the scene when Dumbledore told Harry the meaning of life while his pet phoenix Fawkes resurrected from its ashes.

Phoenix is a mythological bird and its tattoo has a deep meaning. Phoenix tattoo represents rebirth, moving on and starting a new life. It gives hope. It also represents kindness.

Here we present 50 beautiful phoenix tattoos for both men and women –

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

1. One beautiful design that you can try is the flying phoenix tattoo which looks great on back. (small quote tattoos)
flying Phoenix Tattoo

2. There are many phoenix rising tattoo design but you should avoid the common ones and try something unique. As phoenix also represent fire so why not show a blue phoenix rising from its ashes in the tattoo design.
Phoenix rising Tattoo

3. In my opinion phoenix outline tattoo do not turn out to be so good but still many people opt for them.
Outline Phoenix Tattoo

4. One popular combination that people try is the dragon and phoenix tattoo design. you can go for a unique concept where the phoenix is given skin like a dragon.
dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

5. You will agree with me that phoenix tribal tattoo designs are one of the best. In fact they look as beautiful as tribal dragon tattoos.
tribal Phoenix Tattoo

6. You can make your tribal phoenix tattoo even better by adding red ink around it like this. The red ink will represent fire.
Phoenix tribal Tattoo

7. An all-black phoenix tattoo will obviously look gorgeous. If you are opting for a large size tattoo then rib cage is great place to try it.
Phoenix Tattoo for female

8. Ancient mythology considered phoenix a mystical bird that flew over dark horizons. You can show this concept in your tattoo design.
Phoenix Tattoo

9. Most people think that only large phoenix tattoos look great but that’s not true. Medium or small phoenix tattoo like this also look attractive.
small Phoenix Tattoo

10. Here is a traditional phoenix tattoo design where the bird is shown fighting with snake and tiger.
Phoenix Tattoo