50 Best Lion Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

Lion Roaring Tattoos

41. If you are opting for detailed lion tattoo then have them on larger body part like chest or back instead of wrist. But if it is chosen as a pet memorial tattoo (Saudi Kids have lions as pets) then forearm is also a good place for it.
lion tattoos on wrist

42. A Lion does not need a crown to prove he is the king of jungle. But still lion tattoos with crowns would look cool.
lion tattoos with crowns

43. If you wish to have lion tattoos with flowers then please have colourful flowers around the head of lion or otherwise it will ruin the look of whole tattoo.
lion tattoos with flowers

44. Many people love to add geometrical shapes and symbols to their lion tattoos. You too can try geometrical symbols around your lion tattoos.
lion tattoos

45. Have you ever tried mountain lion tattoos? They do not have beard like the African lion but still they are fierce like them.
mountain lion tattoos

46. In the Caribbean culture people like to have Rastafarian lion tattoos because they think it is lucky and cool.
rastafarian lion tattoos

47. Many people to add religious symbols to their lion tattoos thus indicated that they are very protective to their religion. Here is a religious lion tattoo with cross.
religious lion tattoos

48. I admire minimal lion tattoos. Here is a simple lion tattoo on the side rib of this girl which Is too hard to move eye from.
simple lion tattoos

49. This lion tattoo does not look realistic. It looks more like a statue but still it is very impressive small lion tattoo.
small lion tattoos

50. I think tribal animal tattoos are way better than normal animal tattoo. See this tribal lion tattoo on chest of this man and you will agree.
tribal lion tattoos

Which lion tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?