115 Best Lion Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Lion is symbolic for courage and power. People like to have lion tattoos because this fierce animal knows no fear. It is probably the deadliest animal on our planet.

There are many variations of lion tattoos and therefore it gets confusing to pick which kind of lion tattoo. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Here we present you 115 best lion tattoos that would suit both men and women –

Lion Tattoos For Men

1. If you are true art lover then I bet that you would admire abstract lion tattoos. They are not easy to ink but they are definitely worth it. They are ideal choice for tattoos on lower back.(Cool norse tattoos)
abstract lion tattoos

2. Personally I admire angry lion tattoo because they have this raw energy that easily overcome all other feelings especially fear. If you love such personality then try this design.
angry lion tattoos

3. They say that a calm sea is more threatening than a violent sea. Same goes with lion. You will agree with me after you see this badass lion tattoo on the forearm of this guy.
badass lion tattoos

4. In my opinion the best lion tattoos are those that show an aged lion with scars on his face and head. You should keep this info in your mind if you want a great lion tattoo.
best lion tattoos

5. The lion symbol was extremely popular in India in ancient times. It went to china along with Yoga and Buddhism. Chinese culture adapted them as imperial lions or foo dogs who are considered as powerful guards. Here is representation of Chinese lion tattoo.
chinese lion tattoos

6. If you want a cool animal tattoo then give it Caribbean look (Bob marley style). Here is how a cool lion tattoo would look like.
cool lion tattoos

7. Couples can try lion and lioness tattoos as this would be perfect epitome for a perfect relationship.
couple lion tattoos

8. I don’t think there is any cute lion tattoo because this creature is fierce and aggressive not cute. If you still want a cute looking lion tattoo then either try baby samba tattoo from The Lion king or a side posing lion tattoo like this.
cute lion tattoos

9. Lion tattoos don’t suit on girl. Instead girls should opt for lioness tattoos. Thigh is perfect place to have a lioness tattoo.
girl lion tattoos

10. A Normal lion tattoo would not cover up half sleeve or full sleeve. If you want half sleeve lion tattoos then try them in different styles such as here is lion tattoo shown as native American chief.
half sleeve lion tattoos