115 Best Lion Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Japanese Lion Tattoos

31. One very unique style for lion tattoos would be the Polynesian style similar to Dwayne Johnson’s chest tattoo. You can try lion tattoo in style of mandala animal tattoos.
lion tattoos for men

32. Women can decorate their lion tattoo with flowers and other stuff. I would even recommend adding butterfly tattoos to it.
lion tattoos for women

33. I would highly recommend you to try realistic lion tattoo and for this you should opt for a lion picture clicked by a wildlife photographer.
lion tattoos ideas

34. Lion tattoos have a unique meaning which shows courage, wisdom and power. A man who possess these qualities should opt for lion tattoos.
lion tattoos meaning

35. If you wish to have lion tattoo on arm then be sure that the size of lion tattoo is proportional to the size of your arm or otherwise it will look odd.
lion tattoos on arm

36. There are many unique ideas and designs for lion tattoos on chest but personally I admire traditional lion tattoos on chest.
lion tattoos on chest

37. Lion tattoos are not ideal choice for leg tattoos. They do not look good on leg. But if you still insist then here is how they would look.
lion tattoos on leg

38. Ribs give enough space for lion tattoos. You do not have to opt for common lion tattoos but instead unique and complicated designs like this.
lion tattoos on ribs

39. Lion tattoos would look amazing on shoulder but it is all in the hands of artist. A Lion outline tattoo won’t look that good on shoulder.
lion tattoos on shoulder

40. Most girls opt for lion tattoo on thigh. But why should girls have all the fun? Men too can have lion tattoos on thigh.
lion tattoos on thigh