115 Best Lion Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Rastafarian Lion Tattoos

21. Moustache is the pride of lion. So if you try lion head tattoos then please have the moustache in a unique color (white or golden). However if you are in navy then you must know marine corps rule for tattoos before getting tattoo on visible part of body.(Anchor tattoos for guys)
lion head tattoos

22. Aww! Isn’t it a cute lion heart tattoo? This perfectly suits couple who are madly in love with each other.
lion heart tattoos

23. Many people who consider themselves brave opt for lion hearted tattoos (showing angry lion) but they forget one thing that they have to show the peaceful side of lion too.
lion hearted tattoos

24. I am a huge fan of Disney movie ‘The Lion King’ If you loved the film too then here is a unique lion king themed tattoo for you (featuring Simba, timon and Pumba).
lion king tattoos

25. Neck tattoos should be chosen wisely. You cannot try every other tattoo design on neck. However lion are perfect choice for neck tattoos.
lion neck tattoos

26. If you do not want to go through pain for your lion tattoo then try lion outline tattoos. They would be least painful and would also look impressive.
lion outline tattoos

27. A Lion roar can be heard up to 5 miles. It is one of the most distinct features of lion. This is the reason why many men ask for lion roaring tattoos.
lion roaring tattoos

28. if you are into animated tattoos then you should opt for lion scratch tattoos that are inked in such style as if the lion scratched you.
lion scratch tattoos

29. You will find many drawings and sketches online of lion. You can opt from these drawings for your lion tattoo. Here is one that I liked.
lion tattoos drawings

30. Females should try lioness tattoos and it should be easily distinguished from lion. You can give it blue/green eyes and feminine elements.
lion tattoos for females