115 Best Lion Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Lion Head Tattoos

11. Japanese culture do not give as much importance to lions as Indian or Chinese culture but the mythological description of lions in Japanese culture is ideal for tattoos. This is the reason why many people find Japanese lion tattoo cooler. They are comparable to traditional maori tattoos.(Best mermaid tattoos)
japanese lion tattoos

12. If you want a matching lion tattoo then restyle them as king and queen lion tattoos. I have seen many couple trying them but positioning will matter a lot.
king and queen lion tattoos

13. Couples often get matching lion and lioness tattoos but they often get them on wrong body part. A Unique style would be lion and lioness tattoo on fingers.
lion and lioness tattoos

14. Another popular variation of lion tattoos is the lion and lamb tattoos. They would be meaningful for those who show unbelievable courage in extreme situations.
lion and the lamb tattoos

15. I have seen many mashup tattoos but one of my favourite mix up is lion and tiger tattoos. Here this picture shows what I am talking about.
lion and tiger tattoos

16. If you did not liked the lion and tiger face mix up then try lion and wolf tattoos in same style. They would look good on biceps.
lion and wolf tattoos

17. If you want a unique lion tattoo then try lion claws tattoos that are extremely attractive to look at. Try 3d version and you will love the result.
lion claws tattoos

18. Most men love to have minimal tattoos and therefore minimal lion tattoos are also in demand. The best place to have them is fingers or knuckles.
lion finger tattoos

19. I usually don’t recommend portrait tattoos on foot but lion foot tattoos give a unique look. You will surely admire them.
lion foot tattoos

20. If you have thin forearms then do not try lion tattoo on forearm. Here this guy has a lion head tattoo in half sleeve style on forearm.
lion forearm tattoos