50 Egyptian Tattoos Ideas With Meanings (2017)

Egyptian tattoos are as much popular as the history of ancient Egypt. Pyramids, Mummies, Pharaohs and mythical gods are part of the culture of ancient Egypt. Here we have chosen 50 amazing Egyptian tattoos that you can try –

Ancient Egyptian Tattoos

I think ancient Egyptian mummy tattoos are the best choice for Egyptian culture lovers. Look at this beautiful Egyptian mummy tattoo on the hand of this guy. You can try this tattoo on elbow as well.
Ancient Egyptian Mummy Tattoos

2. God tattoos can be controversial. So if you opt for a Egyptian god tattoo then make sure you have not offended anyone.
Ancient Egyptian Tattoo

3. Personally I don’t think it’s a cool idea to have an ancient Egyptian tattoo on full back but still many people love to have them. Here is a full back ancient Egyptian tattoo that feature the Egyptian gods.
Ancient Egyptian Tattoos

4. You might be suggested by your tattoo artist to use different colored inks in Egyptian tattoos. However I would strongly suggest to have a black ink egyptian tattoo like this.
Black Egyptian Tattoos

5. Egyptian Ankh symbolizes life and it is in the form of a cross. While many like to have a simple egyptian ankh tattoo you can have a modified version like this.
Egyptian Ankh Tattoo

6. Ankh is also hindi word for ‘Eye’. So a cool idea would be a to have egyptian ankh tattoo along with an eye tattoo.
Egyptian Ankh Tattoos

7. Anubis is egyptian god of afterlife. It is well known fact that Egyptians were fascinated to afterlife. If you too believe in life after death then an egyptian Anubis god will perfectly symbolize this.
Egyptian Anubis Tattoos

8. To be honest, Egyptian half sleeve or full sleeve tattoos can be a real mess. If you want to have a clean egyptian arm tattoo then go for wings as shown in this picture.
Egyptian Arm Tattoos

9. A simple yet intriguing Egyptian tattoo idea would be to try Egyptian armband or anklet tattoos where you show Egyptian kings.
Egyptian Armband Tattoos

10. Egytpain art has been a centre of attraction and global debate since centuries. The mystery of pyramids is yet to be solved. How about you try an egyptian art tattoo that show the mystical pyramids?
Egyptian Art Tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos Ideas

11. This is probably the best Egyptian tattoo that I have ever come across. It features Egyptian gods Horus and Anubis along with the sacred symbol of Ankh. One of my client tried this tattoo on face.
Egyptian back Tattoos

12. Do you know that cat held an important place in egyptian culture. In fact people mourned for days over the death of a pet cat. Here is a beautiful egyptian style cat tattoo for cat lovers.
Egyptian Cat Tattoo

13. If you want to glorify your pet cat then try having its portrait tattoo in egyptian queen costume. Here is a cat tattoo for inspiration.
Egyptian Cat Tattoos

14. Influential people of ancient egypt used to wear scarab which they considered as source of magical powers. You can try an egyptian scarab tattoo on chest.
Egyptian Chest Tattoos

15. Egyptian cross or better known as Crux Ansata aka Ankh is considered very sacred and lucky. A cool idea would be to try Egyptian cross tattoo on wrist or fingers.
Egyptian Cross Tattoos

16. Egyptian God Horus was cited as the god of sky by ancient Egyptians. His symbol was that of an eye. The eye of horus represented magical powers and blessings from deities. Here is an egyptian eye tattoo that will look meaningful on people who believe in ancient mythology.
Egyptian eye Tattoo meaning

17. If you opt for egyptian eye of horus tattoo then do not use any other color with it as not only it ruins the tattoo but also makes it meaningless.
Egyptian eye Tattoo

18. There are many styles of Horus tattoos but if you want to try something unique then I would suggest you to show falcons along with scarab and eye of horus.
Egyptian falcon Tattoos

19. Egyptians were ridiculously rich. They owned more than half of earth’s gold at that time. It would only be meaningful to show egyptian gods in gold color.
Egyptian God Anubis Tattoos

20. There are many images of egyptian cave and pyramid paintings available online. You can base your egyptian tattoo on those paintings.
Egyptian god Tattoos

Egyptian God Tattoos

21. Egyptian Goddess Isis was mother of Horus. She was considered as the goddess of poor people and mother of nature and magic. A cool idea for Egyptian tattoos for females would be to try isis tattoo on full back.
Egyptian goddess isis Tattoos

22. There are many egyptian goddess that could be inspiration for your next tattoo. My favourite would be Maat (goddess of law and justice), Anput, Anuket (Goddess of river nile),Bast (Goddess of cats) and Hathor (Goddess of Love).
Egyptian goddess Tattoos

23. Egyptian God anubis was also cited as protector of law and justice. It would be a cool idea to show him with the balancing scale. It can also be a cool son and father tattoo idea.
Egyptian gods Tattoos

24. Egyptian Goddess isis was often shown with outstretched wings so you should also do the same.
Egyptian isis Tattoos

25. The egyptian pharaohs often used to glorify themselves. You can have a tattoo of egyptian tombs that had been moulded according to the face of pharaohs.
Egyptian mummy Tattoos

26. Egyptian pharaohs used to have a long beard on their chin so make sure you show that In your egyptian pharaoh tattoos.
Egyptian Pharaohs Tattoos

27. The pyramids are not only important to egyptian culture but are also an inseparable part of world’s history. I would suggest you to try elaborated pyramid tattoos.
Egyptian pyramids Tattoos

28. Another cool idea would be to try egyptian tribal tattoos of queens. Here is an egyptian queen tattoo that shows the re-imagination of egyptian queens.
Egyptian queen Tattoo

29. Cleopatra is surely the most popular egyptian queen of all time but the land of ancient Egypt was ruled by many powerful females. You can try tattoos of those queens.
Egyptian queen Tattoos

30. Scarabs were considered lucky so it would be better to try them on chest instead of back.
Egyptian scarab Tattoos

Egyptian Symbol Tattoos

31. If you are interested in sleeve tattoo of egyptian culture then I would suggest you to try an egyptian pharaoh tattoo along with Egyptian symbols. There are many feminine symbols for tattoos as well.
Egyptian Sleeve Tattoos

32. Sphinx is a mythical creature in egyptian culture. The great sphinx of giza Is part of world heritage. You can try an egyptian sphinx tattoo along with egyptian quote.
Egyptian Sphinx Tattoos

33. Like all ancient cultures, sun played a vital role in egyptian culture as well. You can opt for a sun tattoo along with egyptian symbols.
Egyptian sun Tattoos

34. There are many egyptian symbols that can be tried as tattoos but the most popular is the ankh. You can try small size egyptian symbol tattoos o body parts like fingers or behind the ear.
Egyptian symbol Tattoos

35. Here is a mix up of two different egyptian tattoos. It actually features two egyptian goddess –Isis and Bast. Isis is shown by outstretched wings and Bast is shown as the cat.
Egyptian Tattoo designs and meanings

36. Bastet or the goddess of cats was known as the protector of pregnant women in ancient Egypt. You can try this tattoo if your s.o. is expecting.
Egyptian Tattoo ideas

37. Anubis can be ideal choice for half sleeve tattoos as you can add spooky things to the tattoo design.
Egyptian Tattoo sleeve

38. A unique idea would be to try egyptian tribal tattoos. Turtle are not so significant part of egyptian culture.
Egyptian Tattoos sleeves

39. Horus was the king of gods. In modern culture people often show him as a rival of another egyptian god Anubis.
Egyptian Tattoos and meanings

40. Nefertiti was another popular queen of ancient egypt and here is an amazing egyptian tattoo design of Nefertiti.
Egyptian Tattoos designs

Egyptian Tattoo Designs

41. Girls can try tattoos of ancient egyptian goddesses or egyptian queens. If you do not want such tattoos on thigh then try such tattoos on fingers or wrist.
Egyptian Tattoos for girls

42. Men can try tattoos of ancient egyptian gods or egyptian pharaohs.
Egyptian Tattoos for men

43. According to Egyptian tattoos history people of ancient egypt used to have tattoos of their cats.
Egyptian Tattoos history

44. Even though it’s not a meaningful idea to have the eye of horus tattoo on both hands but it will look cool if you have such matching tattoo with your sibling.
Egyptian Tattoos meaning

45. Ancient Egyptian god anubis is shown calm most of the time but the god was a really angry and fierce one.
Egyptian Tattoos sleeves

46. Here is a 3d styles tattoo of eye of horus along the egyptian cross.
Egyptian Tattoos symbols and meanings

47. You can try a mix up of egyptian cross and the eye of horus. Here is a unique style that you can try.
Egyptian tribal Tattoos

48. I think outline tattoo won’t do justice with the beautiful egyptian culture but if you want a minimal tattoo then try it.
Egyptian warrior Tattoos

49. Egyptian calligraphy is popular in the whole world. You can try egyptian writing tattoos on your wrist.
Egyptian writing Tattoos

50. I found this small egyptian tattoo very interesting. Probably because it shows a pharaoh sailing a boat.
small Egyptian Tattoos

Which egyptian tattoo design you liked the most?