50 Dragon Tattoos Inspired from Different Cultures (2018)

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

11. As I said it is common practice to mix dragon tattoos with other animal tattoos. Another such popular combination is dragon and tiger tattoos. Here is the perfect version of this combination.(3d tattoos for sleeve)
dragon and tiger tattoos

12. Chinese dragons are larger in size so they will look good only on chest or back. While I prefer chest for them but dragon back tattoos are also very popular.
dragon back tattoos

13. If you are asked to have only just one tattoo in your life then try a dragon tattoo on Chest with its tail expanding up to the back. You will never regret this tattoo design.
dragon chest tattoos

14. Many of clients often ask for dragon face tattoos. It is like asking for a horn when you can have the whole car. Instead of face tattoo of dragon you can have small size dragon tattoos.
dragon faces tattoos

15. But still if you are interested in dragon head tattoo then here is how it will look like. Do you think it looks good without its body?
dragon heads tattoos

16. Dragon tattoos can be made more meaningful by showing them in a unique style. For example you can try dragon heart tattoos where two or more dragons are aligned in the shape of heart.
dragon heart tattoos

17. Girls can add flowers to their dragon tattoo designs. My favourite choice is dragon rose tattoos and the rose can be of any color.
dragon rose tattoos

18. Have you ever tried Dragon Scale tattoos? They look majestic if done properly. In fact many people will stop you just to ask about your tattoo.
dragon scales tattoos

19. Another popular variation that many tattoo artist love is dragon skull tattoos. You can either have a whole dragon skeleton tattoo or show a dragon skull in your tattoo design.
dragon skulls tattoos

20. Dragon tattoos are perfect choice for sleeves. You don’t have to opt for a large dragon on your sleeves. You can try a small size tribal dragon sleeve tattoo like this.
dragon sleeve tattoos