50 Unique Butterfly Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Butterfly Tattoos Designs

41. Butterfly tattoos hold a special meaning against cancer. Therefore you will see a lot of people trying butterfly tattoos with cancer ribbon.(Sister symbol tattoos)
cute tattoos butterfly

42. Butterfly tattoos are not an ideal option for cover up tattoos they can hide a small scar beautifully. For this you have to opt for a medium to large size butterfly tattoos.
butterfly tattoos designs

43. If you have a warrior within yourself then you would surely love this idea of a butterfly tattoo with a sword tattoo design. You can add a dagger tattoo if you wish to.
butterfly sleeve tattoos

44. You artist might bend the wings of butterfly to match it with the body part you’re trying it on. Therefore I would suggest having butterfly tattoos on plain body part.
butterfly ankle tattoos

45. You can also opt for a tribal butterfly tattoo design and one benefit of it would be that it won’t fade away quickly.
pretty butterfly tattoos

46. Butterfly tattoos on hand are popular but still I would recommend you to have it either around wrist or on forearm.
skull butterfly tattoos

47. If you add multiple butterflies in your tattoo design then one thing you can do is to change the size of each butterfly along with coloring and wing patterns.
lowerback butterfly tattoos

48. A large size butterfly tattoo on the back is recommended only to those girls who unconditionally love butterfly tattoos and won’t have any other tattoo on back.
celtic butterfly tattoos

49. You can also opt for a simple and cute butterfly tattoo design like this where the artist focused on the side pose of the butterfly.
tribal butterfly tattoos

50. Yellow butterfly tattoos are hardly picked but in my opinion yellow and brown butterfly tattoos also look as beautiful as purple or black and grey butterfly tattoos.
girls butterfly tattoos

So which butterfly tattoo design you liked the most?