50 Unique Butterfly Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

31. A large size butterfly tattoo on forearm is commonly suggested to girls. I would suggest you to pick up perfect alignment and positioning of such designs.(Tribal tattoos on arm)
black butterfly tattoos

32. If you wish to have a pretty butterfly tattoo design on your body then please have it on a visible part of body.
butterfly tattoos on shoulder

33. You can also add your own name to your butterfly tattoo design. Here is a colourful butterfly tattoo design on the back shoulder of this girl with her name inked just below it.
monarch butterfly tattoos

34. If you opt for a quote along with your butterfly tattoo then make sure it perfectly blends with your butterfly tattoo design in terms of size, color, placement and alignment.
butterfly tattoos tattoos for women

35. Instead of black and grey butterfly tattoos you can opt for various color combinations but make sure you check them using photoshop before getting them done in reality.
butterfly tattoos meaning

36. If you add a flower tattoo design with your butterfly tattoo then I would advise you to pick up a good color combo for such design or otherwise it would be unimpressive.
butterfly and flower tattoos

37. Do not ruin your beautiful butterfly tattoo design by adding meaningless and unattractive symbols and signs around it.
pink butterfly tattoos

38. The artist made a cute 3D butterfly tattoo in this picture but the wearer did a mistake by adding a large flower tattoo design in the background (later on).
butterfly and rose tattoos

39. Even though most artists recommend adding a butterfly tattoo that show both wings. But you can opt for a side posing butterfly tattoo if you wish to try a small design and have to hide it occasionally.
butterfly semicolon tattoos

40. Picking the same color for butterfly and flower vine will result in a confusing tattoo like this. In this tattoo design one can only distinguish between butterfly and flowers from a closer look up.
lil butterfly tattoos