50 Unique Butterfly Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Simple Butterfly Tattoos

21. This butterfly tattoo design on the stomach of this girl is inked in the style of a dreamcatcher tattoo and the half-moon just above it increases the beauty of this design.(Skull tattoos for females)
big butterfly tattoos

22. Even though girls prefer to get tattooed with large size butterfly tattoos but if you are working person then you might be looking for a small butterfly tattoo. Here is a tiny butterfly tattoo on the foot of this lady.
small butterfly tattoos

23. If you want to opt for flying butterfly tattoos then the best body part to have it is back or upper shoulder (as shown here).
mother daughter butterfly tattoos

24. Siblings especially sisters should opt for matching butterfly tattoos. The best option Is to get tattooed with two (or more) butterflies of different colors.
side butterfly tattoos

25. One beautiful benefit of butterfly tattoos is that you can make improvement later on by adding new tattoo designs like flowers or trees or even other butterflies.
beautiful butterfly tattoos

26. The caterpillar of butterfly tattoo is often neglected but you can play with the design by adding subtle symbols to it. For example the artist added a tiny skull to the head of caterpillar in this butterfly tattoo.
tattoos butterfly

27. Butterfly tattoos with mathematical symbols are often requested by girls who are interested in science and technology. I would recommend you to add a polygon in such designs.
geometric butterfly tattoos

28. You can add matching patterns around your butterfly tattoo design and it will give a feeling like the butterfly tattoo is the most important feature of your body.
simple butterfly tattoos

29. Always opt for computer imagery to see how a butterfly tattoo design would look on you before getting inked in reality.
flying butterfly tattoos

30. Many women prefer to have butterfly tattoos on legs especially on ankle. I would suggest you to pick up a design that gives an impression as if the butterfly is sitting on the ankle bone.
baby feet butterfly tattoos