50 Unique Butterfly Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

Small Butterfly Tattoos

11. Coloring is an important part of butterfly tattoos so before getting inked you should consider the right type of color for yourself.(Cross tattoos for forearm)
baby foot butterfly tattoos

12. A realistic butterfly tattoo design will be more costly than a normal one. I would suggest you to find an experienced tattoo artist for it or otherwise it will be waste of money.
colorful butterfly tattoos

13. Usually people avoid getting tattooed on face but Butterfly tattoos are few such designs that many girls don’t mind getting on face.
tiny butterfly tattoos

14. Butterflies are attractive due to their wings so carefully observe the design of the wings of your opted butterfly tattoo and then ask the artist to make changes (if any).
black and white butterfly tattoos

15. Many people like to add quotes to their butterfly tattoos. If you wish the same then you should get the butterfly tattoo inked on back or stomach.
meaning of butterfly tattoos

16. If you are confused on an ideal thigh tattoo design then I would highly recommend you to try a butterfly tattoo because they look elegant and beautiful on this body part.
butterfly thigh tattoos

17. You can also try a watercolour butterfly tattoo design. The positive point would be that it would be colourful but the negative point would be that it would be temporary.
watercolor butterfly tattoos

18. While many tattoo designs are favoured either in pink, red or blue color. Butterfly tattoos are preferred in purple color by girls.
purple butterfly tattoos

19. A flower tattoo design will be highly symbolic and meaningful with your butterfly tattoo design so consider adding it to your tattoo.
cover up butterfly tattoos

20. You can also try a pastel butterfly tattoo design. Pastel colors are known to give unique look to any tattoo design.
manly butterfly tattoos