Top 5 Professional Gamblers With Great Tattoos

A lot of gambling fans show their love for the game with a relevant tattoo. Gambler tattoos have also gained popularity among professional players. Of course, all of them have various reasons for self-expressing through this type of art. Yet, no one can deny that it adds a mysterious flair to a person.

We have decided to describe the tattoos that belong to gamblers from the best online casinos and other gambling events in Canada and worldwide. They are real money casino players, the people who are known to indulge into the sphere as amateurs and professionals.

Where do the Pro Gamblers earn?

The ways that a gambler can profit are numerous. The richest gamblers have mostly won their money by:

  • Winning a match
  • World poker tour championships
  • Online casinos
  • Hitting progressive slot machine jackpots
  • Lottery
  • Video gambling
  • Professional sports betting.

We’ve produced a list of the top 5 professional gamblers with tattoos for this post, and they are as follows:

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Chest Tattoo

Neymar is known for his football accomplishments and is among the greatest players. In addition to being one of the most expensive athletes ever, this pro has twice been named “South American Footballer of the Year.” He has won numerous trophies across Brazil, France, and Spain since he began his career with Santos Futebol Clube.

Nevertheless, Neymar has been honest regarding how much he loves to play casino games and his plans to do it professionally when he hangs up his boots. Having joined the company in 2020, he has assumed a new position as a cultural ambassador for PokerStars and claims to feel at ease doing so. Occasional games at an online casino are also liked by this poker player.

In the same way, his love of body inking has never been kept a secret. On Instagram, he displayed his 46 total tattoos on several occasions. His most recognizable ones are an emoji on his calves, a rose on his left arm, and Olympic Rings on his left wrist to symbolize Brazil’s gold medal from the 2016 Olympics. Surely, there must be a gambling tattoo among them.

The most important thing to know about Neymar is that he always plays to win, whether with friends or at an online casino.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another well-known American actor and director renowned for his famed expressionless face. He has won two Oscars and three Golden Globes and is the founder of the advocacy group Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI).

Ben has a long history of enjoying gambling and even made it into the World Poker Tour. However, his relationship with it has only sometimes been pleasant. He was charged with card counting and then prohibited from visiting the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel. He enjoys playing at online casinos and regularly participates in high-end tournaments or The World Series of Poker. Despite his frequent appearances at blackjack tables, Affleck loves playing online poker. Such love for this type of entertainment calls for a gambling tattoo.

Ben expresses his affection by proudly displaying a huge phoenix tattoo over his back. Although he has a stunning dolphin on his lower back, it won’t be noticeable until he takes off his shirt. He displayed his “OV” tattoo on his shoulder and a cross with flowers around it on his left forearm.


Nelly Tattoos

The talent of the new century is Nelly Cornell Haynes, Jr., best known by his stage name, Nelly. He is a smart American rapper who appeals to many fans thanks to his distinctive and special crossover appeal.

He is also well known for his love for gambling and has demonstrated his skill by competing in the “World Series of Poker” in 2007. Nelly often competes on the PokerStars European Poker Tour and has won multiple cash games at various US casinos.

The most astounding of them all are Nelly’s many gambling tattoos that represent his love for online casinos. The most noticeable one is a pair of dice and the letters “Nelly” written in five playing cards on his right shoulder and bicep, representing the likelihood of an unexpected future.

Other unique body designs include the word “Moses” on his right forearm, highlighting his exceptional leadership abilities. On the left side of his chest there is a bloodied heart tattoo which denotes emotions, love, and relationships.

Nelly has only received a paltry $5,135 from all of his online tournament winnings, despite having a $45 million net worth. This shows that he consistently loses more money than he wins.

Beth Shack

Beth Shak is a popular American pro player, philanthropist, fashion designer, and authority in footwear and handbags. Since 2004, she has been a devoted savvy poker gamer and has emerged as one of the game’s most reliable female gamblers.

As a professional gambler, Beth has won over $450,000 in-game prize money throughout her career. Her largest win, $328,683, came at the 2007 World Series of Poker, where she came close to taking home a WSOP bracelet. Beth played live poker regularly, but she found it challenging since guys frequently undervalued her, which was daunting.

Her zodiac sign and a shoe to symbolize her collection are Beth’s two favorite things, and they are both inked on her crotch. Ami James, a well-known tattoo artist, gave her first tattoo in front of cameras for the TLC show NY Ink.

Mikael Mase

Mikki Mase is a famous high-stakes gamer and social media influencer. By consistently sharing his casino adventures on social media, he has developed a reputation as one of the professional gamblers over time.

Mikki is regarded as the fourth most talented baccarat gamer in history and is one of the most relevant high-stakes leisure casinos. He frequently interacts with A-list celebrities, including entertainment figures and athletes. Visiting the casino is Mikki’s preferred way to unwind.

Even as Mikki continued to share authentic content as an Instagram influencer, he always took the opportunity to personally demonstrate his passion for the casino on his body. Unlike the other tattoo arts lovers, Mikki Mase is tattooed in ink from head to toe.


You have it now! These are the best 5 tattooed professional bettors that we have listed for you. Body art is fantastic craft work. As online gambling seems to be gaining popularity as a fun activity worldwide, more and more online casino users will find such tattoos exciting and beautiful.