Top 5 Card Tattoo Ideas

Playing Cards
Source: Unsplash

Tattoos with a card theme provide some popular and innovative choices. There’s enough flexibility to signify luck, a hint of the occult, or something more personal. Different combinations of cards can symbolize love, life, death, or just a passion for playing and winning.

The style of the cards can be altered to give you something floral, an edgy design, and a traditional look. Whether you choose diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs, this guide will help you pick out what kind of card tattoo you want.

1.  Blackjack Hand

If the blackjack NetBet page is one of your bookmarks or 21 is your lucky number, you might consider getting a tattoo of a winning hand from the game. These designs can be simple or elaborate, but you can focus on the details since you’re only working with two cards.

The most popular blackjack winning hand to get as a tattoo is with a jack, clubs, spades, and an ace. You can choose to have cards from the same suit or add some color by making their hearts or diamonds.

2.  Royal Flush

If winning card hands sound promising, but poker is your game, then a royal flush might suit you. This tattoo symbolizes power, success, and, of course, winning. It’s a hand of five cards of the same suit running from ace down to king, queen, jack, and 10.

With the royal characters, you can choose to add some personality, familiar faces or intricate designs. A popular alternative to the royal flush is four aces. It’s another high-value hand that’s a rare occurrence in poker.

3.  The Joker

While most people think of the 52 cards in the deck for their tattoo, we mustn’t forget the joker’s appeal. As a wild card or the character in the films, the 53rd and 54th cards of a true deck can create a fun, light-hearted, dark, and sinister image, depending on your preference. There’s a lot of room to get creative with the design, as not all playing card jokers are the same.

4.  Tarot Cards

Traditional playing cards aren’t the only option. If you’re looking for a tattoo with meaning, symbolism, and personality, then choosing one from a tarot deck is the way to go. It’s best to explore whether something from the major arcana, like Justice, is right for you or if you want the Two of Cups.

Another option could be to choose some meaningful cards that came up in a reading. They might have highlighted a new direction in your life or brought you some peace of mind.

5.  Casino-themed Tattoos

Many attractive tattoo designs combine several elements from one theme. For playing cards, you could explore the theme of luck, gambling, or winning. Instead of featuring the whole deck, you could add dice, poker chips, or part of a roulette wheel to your design.

Start Designing Your Tattoo

Playing cards are an excellent starting point for planning a tattoo. You can make them the main feature and use symbolism for luck, fun, success, or love. To add some depth to the design, you could include flames, flowers, or 3D characters.