Tattoos with casino themed elements – ink your luck

The tattoo type a person chooses to get inked with often says a lot about their personality. People who choose to have body art with a casino games element etched on them are usually very passionate about gambling. The casino style tattoos often span across different aspects of online casinos. They could be blackjack cards, the logo of a slot machine, or even poker.

At times, folks also choose to get tattooed with specific elements they believe may attract luck to themselves. While there are several casino-themed elements you could choose to get inked with, some are usually preferred over others by casino fans. We’ve covered five of these in this article. Before that, let’s go over how ink lovers come up with casino tattoo ideas.

Tattoo Artist

How Do Folks Come Up with Casino Themed Tattoos?

People who tattoo the casino elements on themselves are usually the ones who are keen players, they must be enjoying the best online casinos in Canada.  Top sites for such players are covered on the where the players can find everything for rewarding gameplay as well as get inspired for a new tattoo. The UKGC, the MGA, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission have all licensed the casinos. You need never worry about your personal or financial data getting compromised.

Different customers come up with gambling tattoo ideas the same way they come up with other types of tattoos. The first step is to come to terms with yourself exactly why you want the body art. Do you intend to impress others, or do you plan to proclaim stories about your personality?

Upon deciding why you want to get inked, the next step would be to extensively research what elements to include in the body art. Do you intend to have the theme revolve around the ace of spades or a popular slot game? It’s up to you to decide.

The next stage would be to decide where to ink the final tat design on your body. Would it be on your back, the belly, or your arm? That typically is the last consideration you’d have to make in deciding on the best casino tattoo.

Popular Types of Casino-themed Tattoos

Gambling tattoo ideas come in several varieties, and people usually decide to get inked for different purposes. Some are intended to subtly brag about the wearer’s favorite game, while others are designed to show off a wearer’s huge payout. All in all, they succeed at proclaiming the wearer’s passion for gambling.

Also, if anything, tattooed skins affirm that wearers are natural risk-takers and would venture into conditions other people’s natural body art designs would avoid.

Roulette Wheel Tattoo

With its distinct variants, roulette is one of the more popular games in a typical online platform. What good way is there to indicate how fond you’re of your favorite games, if not by getting inked with a roulette tattoo design? Dice are used in games other than casino games. As such, they do not connote as strongly love of casino culture as much as with a roulette-based or even a poker tattoo.

Roulette can only be found in a casino, making it a perfect fit as a gambling tattoo. There are several pre-made perfect tattoo designs on the internet. Check out whichever you love or modify another to suit your taste. Then consider heading over to your artist to get inked.

The drop shadows, shading, and patterning will make your body ink as realistic as possible. To spice things up, you may even consider adding designs of other elements – Card, Dice, or a symbol from your favorite slot machine – into your design.

Dead Man’s Hand Tattoo

The Dead Man’s tattoo is another notable body ink design you could consider getting inked with. It’s by far the most popular among the everyday gambler. Folks who choose to get tattooed with the Dead Man’s Hand are people with taste. Dead Man’s Hand tattoo is a classic example of body art types and live dealer games. It adequately conveys the mood and players’ mental processes inherent during gameplay.

The very fact that you decided to get a Dead Man’s Hand says a lot about your perception of gambling. Getting tattooed with this design doesn’t take much time. If you’ve got a sturdier physique, it might take a bit more time to get this etched on you, considering the intricate levels of patterning that go into its making.


The Joker-themed type is not only common among casino enthusiasts but also a favorite of pop music fanciers. Regardless of your age, the Joker tattoo inked anywhere on your body would still pass off favorably among your peers.

The Joker theme will suit your personality if you have a more serious disposition toward life. Joker essentially preaches caution during gameplay to whoever chooses to listen.

Lady Luck Body Art, For Those Who Carry Their Luck

The Lady Luck body art is undoubtedly one of casino enthusiasts’ most common tattoo designs. Lady Luck goes beyond being just a body art for many people; it’s also a movement, an icon of fashion for them.

Many people who choose to get inked believe it would alleviate their haplessness and make them luckier while gambling and in other endeavors. And trust us, when you set out to gamble for real money, you need all the luck and good fortune you can possibly get while playing cards.

Irish gamblers are particularly fond of this body art. It’s not uncommon for two out of every five land-based Irish casino regulars to have this tattooed on their hands or faces. Coupled with just about the right casino music, an average tattooed Irish typically finds themselves locked in the proper mood to facilitate great wins even better. Does Lady Luck actually influence good fortune? We leave that to you to find out.

Aces Tattoo

Slot Machine And Live Casino Games Tattoos

Most casino tattoo masters are inspired by live casinos revolving around table games, and others focus exclusively on all aspects of slot machines. From your favorite slot machine logo to the icon of a symbol, there are several slot-themed gambling tattoos you could decide to get inked with.

Though most slot-themed tattoo design ideas tend to focus on more modern titles, there’s practically nothing stopping you from getting inked with elements affiliated with iconic, classic slots.


Tattoo ideas usually demonstrate the wearer’s passion for the industry. We can infer that the wearer is proud of their gambling habits and is unlikely to listen to anyone telling them otherwise. This is another great piece by a very talented artist.

So, these are the five most enchanting casino-themed body art one may opt for. It boasts incredible artistic value and color combination. Indeed, there is no rule that one can’t enter a casino without getting inked.