Tattoos or Tattoo Alternatives when You Are a Student?

If you find yourself sitting on the fence when it comes to getting a tattoo, review these tips to help decide if tattoos or tattoo alternatives are for you.

Though tattoos have become a common body adornment, they may not be the best choice for every student. In fact, a tattoo alternative may be the better choice.

There are three types of people who get tattoo body art. So defines the following: the Memorializers, the Communicators, and the Normalizers. These all warrant definition.

The Tattooed Memorializers

These are the ones who have gotten tattoos to represent a monumental achievement, special memory, or significant event. For example (name has been changed) Mary, feeling detached and mis-understood most of her child hood years, started doing what so many other teens have done when they fill dead inside; she started cutting herself; specifically in the wrist area.

Some years later, after counseling and emotional healing, she covered up those wrist scars with a tattoo that says: live, laugh love. Each day that tattoo reminds her of the redemptive life she now lives with hope and optimism.

A memorializor sees a tattoo as a personally intimate monument of courage, celebration or healing.

The Tattooed Communicators

Body art for a communicator is a statement that puts personality or belief on public display. The body is used as a canvas for all the world to see. The internal soul, using an external medium.

Communicators have no interest in the status quo of the cultural norms they find themselves a part of. Symbolism is vital. Body art is the communicating the essence of the philosophical, cultic or metaphysical beliefs of the wearer. These folks are collect images on their bodies as a gallery gathers art for an exhibition. It’s all about communication through artistic expression.

The Tattooed Normalizers

The Normalizers like the look of tattoos; simple as that. It’s not about memorializing an event, nor is it about communicating the soul, it’s about what looks hot and maybe, a little bit about the adrenaline rush they get while getting the tattoo.

It’s about visual appeal with maybe a splash of meaning mixed in; or not. These are the ones that have catapulted tattoo art out of the shadows of obscurity, snickers and finger pointing, into all out societal normalization through a mass trend movement of body art interest.

Unfortunately, this is the group that will most likely reqret their tattoos ten or more years from now. This is not to say that the other two groups will be left untouched – passion is a fickle emotion.

Denial aside, the tattoo removal industry is exploding. The most common reasons for tattoo removal:

  • That passionate, “eternal” relationship came to an end
  • A once “cool” tattoo has now become an embarrassment
  • Tattoo by peer pressure
  • Finding limited job opportunities – 44% of employers are still tattoo restrictive
  • It’s was a dumb drunk tattoo

A tattoo is like a marriage. Few go into the marriage expecting a divorce. It happens. All the time. Even fewer think they will be removing a tattoo. This too, happens – in ever increasing numbers.

Which brings this article full circle to it’s original purpose. If you are on the fence about getting tattoos, it’s a strong indication a tattoo alternative may be the better option.

Tattoo Alternatives

A tattoo alternative is an object or activity that will give you the same emotional reward or represent a significant event, without the scarring.

If it’s an adrenaline rush you’re looking for, try an exiting new hobby; surfing, snow boarding or sky diving. The cost of developing this type of exhilarating hobby is comparable to what would be spent for reoccurring visits to a tattoo parlor.

To memorialize a special event or relationship, there are some suitable options. For births of babies; design a mothers ring that includes the gem stones of each child. For a special relationship, choose a significant song keep a photo on the nightstand or office desk.

For an inspiring personal message; a custom etched bracelet or necklace that is worn at all times will serve the same purpose. A bracelet on the wrist that reads Dreams become a reality, one choice at a time will work, just as well as a tattoo with the same words, tattooed on the forearm.

If it’s peer pressure compelling you to get body art; start saving money for removal, or be prepared to manage a feeling of regret every time you see that tattoo reflected in the mirror; after a few years.

Try temporary tattoos first. Quality temporary tattoos can be designed in the exact image you are thinking about permanently installing. Properly applied, they can last up to six months. Few will pick up on the fact that it was a temp tat – until it disappears one day.