Why Are Tattoos Among the Most Discussed Topics in Any Dating Chat

Few people know, but in the 19th century, tattoos were especially popular among the nobility. For example, Nicholas II, Empress Cece, and Edward VII were tattooed. In fact, the tradition of skin inking goes back at least 5,000 years—more than 60 tattoos were discovered on the mummy Otzi, found in a glacier in the Alps.

Today, on the other hand, it’s hard to impress someone with a tattoo. But it is still considered one of the hottest discussion topics, especially on social media and dating sites. Why is it so, you may ask? Well, there are a few main reasons for that.

They are trendy and common

Recently, a market research institute reported that nearly one in two people between the ages of 20 and 29 has at least one tattoo. At the same time, one in five of all age groups has a tattoo, which has led to a doubling of the proportion of tattooed people between 2012 and 2022. More than 200 million photos have been posted on Instagram under the hashtag “tattoo” to date. Meaning body art is in trend and growing in popularity each day (unique, special motifs are especially popular). The more common tattoos become, the more they are talked about and the more they are perceived as attractive.

They always draw attention

Instagram is not the only platform that promotes the topic of tattoos and encourages their popularity. Try and open any hookup chat, and you will see that tattoos are one of the hottest topics of discussion there. But why do people love tattoos so badly and find them extremely attractive? Aesthetics are the most common reason tattooed people attract more attention from singles looking for casual dating and romance on the Internet. About half of surveyed users of casual dating sites said they think tattoos are hot and the people who get them are a lot more attractive than those who don’t. On any dating site today, one in five profiles belongs to someone with at least one tattoo, and these are usually the people who get the most attention from local singles.

Quality tattoos always look cool

The most popular tattoo motifs today are various motivational or memorable inscriptions. Swallows, stars, and skulls are popular, too, but there are also those ready to spend enormous amounts of money to get high-quality and more complicated body art. The higher quality of the tattoo and the bigger its size, the better the chances of attracting potential partners on a dating site. In fact, many men and women take advantage of the popularity and appeal of tattoos to find more partners for casual hookups. And it’s hard to judge them because the scheme works like a clock!

They are highly relatable

Each of us goes through certain difficulties, and nowadays, getting tattoos in honor of some life episode has become commonplace. Whether it is defeating a disease, losing a loved one, or any other important event you want to remember. By getting a tattoo that will remind you of what you’ve been through, you demonstrate the importance of what happened, not only to yourself but also to others. This is why tattoos are often very relatable, especially if you know the story behind them. It’s also an effective ice breaker, which users of dating sites use quite often. Asking what a tattoo means is a way to get to know the person better and demonstrate your genuine interest, which always works well in any conversation.

They show a person’s individuality

In today’s world, body art serves as a way to present yourself and your exclusivity; people get tattoos to feel more attractive and desirable. But tattoos are also capable of demonstrating your individuality to those around you. For example, people who get bright and colorful tattoos are often more open-minded and outgoing, enjoy fun, and can’t live without partying. While those who admire blackwork and any tattoos in black and white are often more introverted and closed off. This is a great way to screen out potential partners in casual chats without even engaging in dialogue with them. If you see a person with blackwork tattoos in a profile photo, it’s most likely a quiet and thoughtful individual. If you prefer to date more open-minded and easy-going people, look for those with colorful tattoos, perhaps funny and even somewhat ridiculous designs. People like that won’t bore you, for sure.

The attractiveness of tattoos on dating sites is undeniable, especially if you are looking for hookup partners. As statistics show, people with tattoos are seen as ideal partners for casual sex, but that doesn’t mean that tattoos won’t allow you to find a partner for a serious relationship. It all depends on your intentions and the platform you use. But regardless of your goals, you can use your tattoos as a magnet for singles to find casual dates and maybe even lasting love! The world is your oyster when you have body art!