Tattoo Ideas for Sissy Boys

Who Are Sissy Men and How Do They Find Like-minded People?

If you are a male who grew up in the public system, chances are, you’ve heard the term “sissy” before. Often referring to a man who was somewhat effeminate, the term sissy boy actually isn’t far off (though it’s not meant as a derogatory comment in this context). Sissy men are usually gay men who enjoy the feminine side of life, encompassing everything from clothing and hairstyles to personality traits, lifestyle choices, and dating scenarios! However, it’s important to note that some men who identify as “sissy” might not be gay; they simply enjoy feminine things. 

Sadly, the current world we live in still largely subscribes to the traditional gender roles, which means that men are expected to be “manly,” not feminine, which makes it somewhat hard for these individuals to go about their lives unhindered or un-harassed. Fortunately, there are many sissy chat sites where like-minded men can go to connect, sharing life experiences and artistic ideas. Online dating platforms are an escape for many men who choose to keep their “sissy” preferences a secret (mainly due to the negative attention this self-expression attracts). But men who have an IDGAF attitude and let their freak flag fly find even more online and offline dating success! Whether you’re one of the bold, non-ashamed individuals or the type of guy who prefers something a bit more inconspicuous, tattoos are a great way to combine artistic expression with personal pronouncements and serve as a code for sissy aficionados to identify a fellow guy on the street or by a picture on a dating site and (possibly) hit on him. Here are a few reasons why getting a tattoo could be a smart choice for you!

Ink As a Reflection of Your Inner World

In the past, tattoos were often seen as something limited to “tough guys,” bikers, and the like. However, in recent years, tattoos have gained mainstream popularity, so these stereotypes no longer apply. In fact, people of all gender, sexualities, lifestyles, and professions choose to “ink up” every day! Tattoos are truly a great way to personally express yourself in a permanent way using your own body as a canvas (it’s important to mention that while tattoos can be removed, it’s an expensive & painful process). You can choose from one of the hundreds of thousands of designs already created by artists, adapt an idea to your liking, or even create your own tattoo from scratch!

Men who don’t like pain may be put off by the idea of getting a tattoo. After all, clothing choice is a simple, non-permanent, and painless form of self-expression, right? This is true, but your feminine clothing will get old, and simply choosing out a wardrobe is far less commitment than getting a tattoo. Or it may be your intimate secret that you can share only with your dating partner – spicy idea, to say the least! While the idea of pain is certainly a consideration, you’ll be happy to know that this pain can be limited! Some parts of the body (such as the thigh, chest, or lower forearm) are less painful than other parts of the body (such as the head, neck, or feet). In addition to choosing a less painful tattoo location, men can also use numbing cream, which will reduce the feeling to the localized location where the lotion is applied. You should check with your tattoo artist to get some recommendations!

3 Ideas to Consider

So, now you’re toying with the idea of getting a tattoo: what are the important things that you should consider? Below, we’ll cover three things to think about while picking out your next (first) design!

  • Inconspicuous Designs – For men that don’t want to be too outgoing, it’s important to consider how your design might be received by haters. Here’s an example: if you live in a highly homophobic neighborhood, getting a tattoo that says “Gay & PROUD!” might not be what you’re looking for. In that case, getting a tattoo that’s a bit more subtle could be a smart idea. Something like a triangle (which is a symbol of gay pride) isn’t as flamboyant but will still be understood by its intended audience on online dating sites or in specific bars and clubs!
  • Bold Decisions – On the other hand, you might not give AF about what the haters think. If so, that’s great—you’ll have way more tattoo options! More basic options include the Pride flag; more flamboyant tattoos could even be something like your favorite male actor in the nude!
  • Deeply Personal Tattoos – Many people like to get tattoos that have a deep personal meaning to them. This could be the handwriting of a loved one lost, an image of a place dear to your heart, or a portrait of a personal hero. While many people tend to get tattoos of their lover (or their handwriting), we highly recommend AGAINST doing this. That said, your choice of ink is a personal choice, so get whatever you want (just use some common sense!).

Although the idea of getting a tattoo can certainly be intimidating, most men find that (in the long run) their tattoo brings them a lot of happiness and self-pride. Some choose to commemorate their dating conquests with ink; others carry a single tattoo through life as a sign of a deeply personal connection they made with their dating partner or a close relative. While we can’t specifically recommend that you get a tattoo (they’re not for everyone!), we do recommend at least considering the idea. Who knows: you could get addicted!

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