50+ Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas with Meaning (2020)

semicolon tattoos

Semicolon Tattoos – What do they mean? I am glad that a semicolon tattoo movement started because it gave new hope and meaning to people who were battling depression. A Semicolon tattoo has a special meaning and according to project semicolon movement here is the meaning –

A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.

So a semicolon tattoo is always special not only to the wearer but to the society as well. It gives a ray of hope to people who come across it. Here we have chosen 46 beautiful semicolon tattoos designs that you can consider –

Semicolon Tattoos Ideas

1. Semicolon tattoos can be even more heart touching if you have matching tattoos with your brother or sister.
Semicolon Tattoos

2. One major quote about bad times is – ‘This Shall Too Pass’. You can ink this beautiful quote with your semicolon tattoos.
Best Semicolon Tattoos

3. Adding beautiful and motivational words like Stay Strong to your semicolon tattoos make them even more meaningful.
Beautiful Semicolon Tattoos

4. You can ink a heart in the semicolon inside of a circle thus representing that you have found love for life.
Behind The Ear Semicolon Tattoo

5. Many people like to modify the semicolon tattoo in a way that shows what motivated them in tough times. Here this lady added a cat face in her semicolon tattoo on ankle.
Cat Semicolon Tattoo
small nautical tattoos for guys

6. Cancer is the worst disease ever. It took so many lives. Adding a cancer sign would show that you have been battling the disease and hope to defeat it.
Cool Semicolon Tattoo

7. Many people found happiness in nature. If you love gardening and nature then here is an ideal semicolon tattoo idea for you.
Creative Semicolon Tattoo

8. Back of the neck is an ideal placement for semicolon tattoos as they will be visible most of the times.
Cute Semicolon Tattoo

9. Walt Disney attempted suicide many times but he went on to become one of the most famous personalities of the 20th century. Adding a Disney logo to your semicolon tattoo will show that you find him as your role model.
Disney Semicolon Tattoo

10. Music has saved so many lives that we are not even thankful enough for it. Here is a semicolon tattoo inspired from music tattoos. This is the website that popularized the ideas of semicolon tattoo.
Music Semicolon Tattoo
indian henna hand tattoo designs

Semicolon quotes Tattoo

11. This 3d semicolon tattoo design is inspired from ancient warrior’s armours.
Pretty Semicolon Tattoos

12. Adding colors to your semicolon tattoo design will represent that you were battling depression in past but have found a way to be a productive part of society.
Rainbow Semicolon Tattoo

13. The anchor tattoo says to HOLD ON. While the semicolon tattoo represents hope. Here is a mix up designs that looks even more meaningful.
Semicolon Anchor Tattoo

14. You can add arrow tattoo to your semicolon design thus showing that you once aimed something and missed the opportunity. But you have not stopped trying and one day hope to live all your dreams.
Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

15. Birds represent freedom. Adding birds to your semicolon tattoo design will show that you have found freedom in your new life.
Semicolon Bird Tattoo

16. Butterflies are probably created by nature to cheer us human beings. They are so beautiful and carefree. Adding a butterfly tattoo to your semicolon tattoo will show that you have come out as stronger and better from your difficulties.
Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

17. Many people find hope in religion. If you are a religious person then adding a cross tattoo to your semicolon design will be good choice.
Semicolon Cross Tattoo

18. Dragonflies face a lot of difficulties while changing from cocoon to a fly. You can add this in your design to show that you are overcoming your tough phase.
Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

19. A feather was used in ancient times to write plays and letters. You can add a feather to your semicolon tattoo to show that you have chosen to continue with your life.
Semicolon Feather Tattoo

20. Do not have an empty heart tattoo in your semicolon tattoo as it will simply mean that you still miss something or someone badly.
Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Tree of Life Semicolon tattoo

21. Adding a rainbow heart and a heartbeat to your semicolon tattoo design will show that you don’t care about society and its norms. You have cleared your thoughts and preferences and you will go on and fight.
Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

22. You can add a infinity sign to your semicolon tattoo to show that your love for your life is infinite.
Semicolon Infinity Tattoo

23. Here the artist beautifully showed various phases of moon thus showing that life to have many phases and one must not give up in dark times as brighter times are waiting ahead.
Semicolon Lotus Tattoo

24. Here is a beautiful bow tie and ribbon added to the semicolon tattoo.
Semicolon Ribbon Tattoo

25. Here are 3 different representations of semicolon tattoo and I liked the one which is styled as sun.
Semicolon Sun Tattoo

26. Giving color to your semicolon tattoo make it even more special. Here this green semicolon tattoo represent the beauty of nature.
Semicolon Tattoo Color

27. Many people prefer to have small tiny semicolon tattoos and finger is best place to try them.
Semicolon Tattoo Finger

28. Here is a pine tree tattoo with a semicolon tattoo which shows that the person battled with depression and now stand tall.
Semicolon Tattoo Ideas For Guys

29. Adding a line to your semicolon tattoo will represent that depression is just a phase of life and it comes in everyone life. So one should not lose hope and continue fighting.
Semicolon Tattoo Ideas For Men

30. This heartbeat and semicolon tattoo would have looked better if it was not given the shade of red. However it is still an adorable design.
Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

Male Semicolon tattoo

31. This girl had an operation on stomach as visible but she never left hope and the semicolon tattoo shows that she will live her life to the fullest.
Semicolon Tattoo Images

32. You can have a quote tattoo that is ended with semicolon. This quote is perfect.
Semicolon Tattoo Meaning

33. This flower and semicolon tattoo mix up shows that the wearer will bloom like a flower instead of giving up on life.
Semicolon Tattoo Men

34. Side of the wrist is one of the best placement for semicolon tattoos and here is how they look like.
Semicolon Tattoo On Wrist

35. If you are battling depression along with your best friend or lover then you both can try a matching semicolon tattoo.
Semicolon Tattoo Pics

36. Instead of trying semicolon tattoo behind the ear you can also try them on your face next to your ear.
Semicolon Tattoo Pictures

37. Many people give up on life not because they lost from life but because they lost from themselves. This quote perfectly sums up that life is not a battle against others but one’s own self.
Semicolon Tattoo Quotes

38. You can modify your semicolon tattoos in many cute styles. Here is a panda semicolon tattoo mix up that is too cute to ignore.
Semicolon Tattoo White Ink

39. I don’t think hand is an ideal placement for semicolon tattoos but many people try it and here is how it looks.
Semicolon Tattoo

40. Here is another beautiful semicolon tattoos design that you can consider.
Semicolon Tattoos

Mental Health Tattoos For Guys

41. Your semicolon tattoos can be placed inside or along with a heart tattoo design to give It a unique look.
Semicolon Temporary Tattoos

42. As semicolon tattoos are associated with life so it will be meaningful to use the word itself and add semicolon tattoo to it like this.
Small Semicolon Tattoo

43. I don’t know why the wearer has two semicolon tattoos designs. Maybe he wants to say that depression is a part of life and you need to learn to live with it.
Unique Semicolon Tattoo

44. You are a warrior who is battling with his own evil self and depression. It will be meaningful to have a warrior word tattoo with semicolon in it.
Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

45. You can add a watercolor splash to your semicolon tattoos thus representing that God gave you another chance by sending happiness in your life.
Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

46. Dreamcatcher was considered lucky by Native American tribes. Yin Yang tattoos are considered as the balance of good and evil in life by Chinese people. Adding a semicolon design to it will mean that you have found the meaning of life.
Yin Yang Semicolon Tattoo

So which Semicolon tattoo brought a smile on your face?