210+ Roman Tattoo Designs (2024)

Roman tattoos connect us to the rich history and culture of Ancient Rome. For many, they represent ideals like strength, wisdom, courage, or leadership.

Some popular Roman tattoo designs include Roman gods like Mars or Jupiter, Roman numerals, Latin phrases, Roman architecture, and the Roman eagle. These images symbolize values from a mighty empire that still inspires us today.

Roman Tattoo Ideas

People choose Roman tattoos to honor ancient stories and beliefs, remember their ancestry, or show pride in qualities like honorable service. Roman tattoos also have artistic value with details as well as stylistic scripts. Here are some ideas that are popular among the masses:

1. Roman Statue Tattoos: Roman statue tattoos depict historical figures and gods from ancient Rome in very detailed and realistic ways. They showcase strong leaders like Julius Caesar. The tattoos use shading and 3D effects to make the statue images look life-like. People who admire ancient Roman history and art often get these kinds of tattoos.

2. Roman God Tattoos: The pantheon of Roman gods offers a rich tapestry of inspiration for tattoos. Each god, from Jupiter, the king of gods, to Venus, the goddess of love, carries unique symbolism. For instance, a Mars tattoo, representing the god of war, might symbolize strength and bravery, while a Neptune tattoo could reflect a person’s affinity with the sea.

3. Gladiator Tattoos: Gladiators, the legendary warriors of the Roman arenas, are a symbol of strength, courage, and resilience. Tattoos depicting gladiators often include elements like swords, shields, and helmets, emphasizing the warrior spirit.

4. Roman Numeral Tattoos: Roman numeral tattoos use letters from the old Roman alphabet as numbers, like IX for 9 and XX for 20. People get these tattoos to mark important dates or numbers in their lives, like their birthday, or wedding anniversary, or to remember an important event. The Roman numerals create a tattoo design that looks clean and classic.

5. S.P.Q.R. Tattoos: “Senatus Populusque Romanus,” meaning “The Senate and People of Rome,” is a powerful symbol of Roman pride and governance. Tattoos featuring the S.P.Q.R. acronym pay homage to the political and cultural heritage of ancient Rome.

6. Colosseum Tattoos: The Colosseum was an amazing building in ancient Rome. Colosseum tattoos showcase this famous arena. The Colosseum can mean an interest in ancient history, old buildings, or how human-made things can last a very long time. The Colosseum had events that showed both the amazing and cruel sides of Rome. Such tattoo represents the glory and brutality of the Roman empire.

7. Roman Mythology Scene Tattoos: Scenes from Roman mythology, such as the Rape of Persephone or the Labors of Hercules, offer dramatic and storytelling elements. These tattoos are often large and detailed, covering significant areas like the back or chest.

8. Roman Eagle Tattoos: The Roman eagle (Aquila) was used as a symbol by the Roman army. It represented power and strength. When someone gets a Roman eagle tattoo today, it can mean – Leadership or control, Freedom, and a connection to military service. The eagle was an important sign of the authority and might of the Roman military. Tattoos, continue to represent strength, courage, and command over one’s own life.

9. Laurel Wreath Tattoos: A symbol of victory and honor, laurel wreaths are often incorporated into Roman-themed tattoos. They can frame other elements or stand alone as a symbol of achievement and success.

10. Roman Chariot Tattoos: Chariots, used in races and battles, symbolize speed, competition, and triumph. A chariot tattoo might include horses and a charioteer, capturing the dynamic energy of Roman chariot races.

11. Roman Soldier Tattoos: Roman soldiers were very organized, skilled, and tough in battle. Tattoos with Roman soldiers show things like the armor the soldiers wore, Helmets, and Weapons used to fight. The tattoos focus on the power and fighting ability of Roman soldiers. The detail in the soldier tattoos highlights their discipline and battle preparation. People get these tattoos to emphasize strengths like bravery, defense, and fighting skills.

12. Roman Mosaic Tattoos: The ancient Romans made beautiful mosaic art in their buildings. These were pictures made from small colorful tiles arranged in patterns. Roman mosaic tattoos try to copy this old artwork style. The tattoos use geometric shapes and bright colors to make unique designs that catch people’s attention. People get them because they find the old Roman mosaic art style attractive.

13. Roman Coin Tattoos: Old Roman coins have the faces of emperors and Roman gods printed on them. These coins show the important political and economic history of Rome. When someone gets a Roman coin as a tattoo, it can symbolize – Wealth, Power, and a personal interest in a certain emperor or god from the coins. The coin tattoos connect the wearer to the financial and leadership history of the Roman Empire. They show what the emperors and economies were like in ancient Rome.

14. Roman Architecture Tattoos: Tattoos featuring Roman architectural elements like arches, columns, and aqueducts celebrate the engineering prowess and aesthetic sensibilities of ancient Rome.

15. Latin Phrase Tattoos: Latin phrases, the language of ancient Rome, offer a timeless and intellectual element to tattoos. Popular phrases like “Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day) or “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered) are powerful expressions of life philosophies.

Roman Tattoo Symbolisms and Meanings

Roman designs make visually striking and meaningful tattoos. They encapsulate human ideals, triumphs, and tribulations that we still relate to today. For tattoo lovers with an interest in ancient civilizations, Roman tattoos offer a way to wear iconic history on their bodies. The powerful images reflect universal experiences and values that span across centuries. Some meanings that are reflected by these designs are:

1. Strength and Valor: The Gladiator tattoo – Gladiator tattoos are synonymous with strength and valor. Gladiators were revered in ancient Rome for their courage and prowess in combat. These tattoos often feature armored warriors, swords, and shields, symbolizing the wearer’s fighting spirit and resilience in the face of adversity. The gladiator tattoo is a powerful reminder of the human capacity to overcome challenges, making it a popular choice for those who have battled personal struggles or who wish to showcase their inner strength.

2. Wisdom and Authority: The Roman Eagle Tattoo – The Roman eagle, or Aquila, was an important symbol in the Roman military, representing values like wisdom and leadership. As a tattoo today, the eagle can signify positive ideals for those who identify with those values or have military connections. With its majestic and noble bearing, the eagle tattoo conveys confidence and determination to prevail over adversity. For many, it is a mark of self-respect and principle.

3. Eternal Love and Beauty: The Venus Tattoo – Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is a popular motif in Roman-themed tattoos. She embodies femininity, charm, and the allure of eternal love. Tattoos of Venus often include elements of beauty and romance, such as roses or hearts, and are chosen by those who wish to celebrate love, beauty, and passion in their lives. The Venus tattoo is a tribute to the timeless nature of love and the enduring beauty of the human spirit.

4. Power and Leadership: The SPQR Tattoo – “Senatus Populusque Romanus” (SPQR), translating to “The Senate and People of Rome,” is a symbol of ancient Roman government and power. As a tattoo, SPQR represents leadership, civic duty, and a connection to political or historical heritage. It’s chosen by individuals who value strength in unity, leadership qualities, and a sense of belonging to a greater cause. The SPQR tattoo is a nod to the wearer’s interest in history, politics, and the principles that governed one of the greatest empires in history.

5. Courage and Protection: The Mars Tattoo – Mars, the Roman god of war, is a symbol of courage, protection, and assertiveness. Tattoos featuring Mars often include elements of warfare, such as swords, shields, and helmets. This tattoo is chosen by those who see themselves as protectors, whether of their loved ones, ideals, or personal beliefs. The Mars tattoo is a declaration of the wearer’s fighting spirit and their readiness to face life’s battles with courage and determination.

Keeping up with this theme here we have compiled a list of 200+ most impressive Roman tattoos ideal for both genders:

Minimalist Roman Tattoo

Roman Tattoo 12
Roman Tattoo 12
Roman Tattoo 13
Roman Tattoo 13
Roman Tattoo 14
Roman Tattoo 14
Roman Tattoo 15
Roman Tattoo 15
Roman Tattoo 16
Roman Tattoo 16
Roman Tattoo 17
Roman Tattoo 17

Roman Gladiator Tattoo

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Roman Tattoo 18
Roman Tattoo 20
Roman Tattoo 22
Roman Tattoo 24
Roman Tattoo 25
Roman Tattoo 26
Roman Tattoo 27
Roman Tattoo 28
Roman Tattoo 29
Roman Tattoo 31
Roman Tattoo 33
Roman Tattoo 34
Roman Tattoo 35
Roman Tattoo 36
Roman Tattoo 37
Roman Tattoo 38
Roman Tattoo 39
Roman Tattoo 40
Roman Tattoo 41
Roman Tattoo 42
Roman Tattoo 43
Roman Tattoo 44
Roman Tattoo 45
Roman Tattoo 46
Roman Tattoo 47
Roman Tattoo 48
Roman Tattoo 49
Roman Tattoo 50
Roman Tattoo 51
Roman Tattoo 52
Roman Tattoo 53
Roman Tattoo 54
Roman Tattoo 55
Roman Tattoo 56
Roman Tattoo 57
Roman Tattoo 58
Roman Tattoo 59
Roman Tattoo 60
Roman Tattoo 61
Roman Tattoo 62
Roman Tattoo 63
Roman Tattoo 64
Roman Tattoo 65
Roman Tattoo 66
Roman Tattoo 67
Roman Tattoo 68
Roman Tattoo 69
Roman Tattoo 70
Roman Tattoo 71
Roman Tattoo 72
Roman Tattoo 73
Roman Tattoo 74
Roman Tattoo 75
Roman Tattoo 76
Roman Tattoo 77
Roman Tattoo 78
Roman Tattoo 79
Roman Tattoo 80

Roman Statue Tattoo

Roman Tattoo 81
Roman Tattoo 82
Roman Tattoo 83
Roman Tattoo 84
Roman Tattoo 85
Roman Tattoo 86
Roman Tattoo 87
Roman Tattoo 90
Roman Tattoo 92
Roman Tattoo 93
Roman Tattoo 94
Roman Tattoo 95
Roman Tattoo 96
Roman Tattoo 97
Roman Tattoo 98
Roman Tattoo 99
Roman Tattoo 100
Roman Tattoo 101
Roman Tattoo 102
Roman Tattoo 103
Roman Tattoo 104
Roman Tattoo 105
Roman Tattoo 106
Roman Tattoo 107
Roman Tattoo 108
Roman Tattoo 109
Roman Tattoo 110
Roman Tattoo 111
Roman Tattoo 112
Roman Tattoo 113
Roman Tattoo 114
Roman Tattoo 115
Roman Tattoo 116
Roman Tattoo 117
Roman Tattoo 118
Roman Tattoo 119
Roman Tattoo 120
Roman Tattoo 121
Roman Tattoo 122
Roman Tattoo 123
Roman Tattoo 124
Roman Tattoo 125
Roman Tattoo 126
Roman Tattoo 127
Roman Tattoo 128
Roman Tattoo 129
Roman Tattoo 130
Roman Tattoo 131
Roman Tattoo 132
Roman Tattoo 133
Roman Tattoo 134
Roman Tattoo 135
Roman Tattoo 136
Roman Tattoo 137
Roman Tattoo 138
Roman Tattoo 139
Roman Tattoo 140
Roman Tattoo 141
Roman Tattoo 142
Roman Tattoo 143
Roman Tattoo 144
Roman Tattoo 145

Roman Gods Tattoo

Roman Tattoo 146
Roman Tattoo 147
Roman Tattoo 148
Roman Tattoo 149
Roman Tattoo 150
Roman Tattoo 151
Roman Tattoo 152
Roman Tattoo 153
Roman Tattoo 154
Roman Tattoo 155
Roman Tattoo 156
Roman Tattoo 157
Roman Tattoo 158
Roman Tattoo 159
Roman Tattoo 160
Roman Tattoo 161
Roman Tattoo 162
Roman Tattoo 163


Roman tattoos allow us to carry iconic symbols of an ancient civilization that contributed great innovations in engineering, law, art, and more. They capture epic moments like heroic battles or grand celebrations. They represent the mystique of festivals, rituals, and temples from long ago. With just a single image, Roman tattoos convey adventure, power, love, and loss – the full spectrum of human experiences that connect the ancients to all of us today. By wearing these tattoos, people keep alive a spark of the Roman spirit.

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