The Perfect Tattoos to Match Your Zodiac Sign

Itching to get inked again but have no idea what to pull off this time? Why not go for astrology tattoos? You can go by the book and request for classical designs. But if you’re friends with your tattoo artist and trust them completely, allow them to unleash their creativity and take the freestyle route!

Here are some amazing astrological sign tattoo ideas you can try if you haven’t come up with the perfect zodiac sign tattoos yet. Enjoy!


Aries are known for being trailblazers, so the arrow tattoo is a good start. It could be an arrow on a bow, pulled back but not released. This shows your intense readiness, aim and focus. Once the arrow is released it means you have leaped into action. Regardless whether it’s still pulled back or released, these designs represent your preparedness to take on whatever it is that comes your way.


This constellation is represented by a horned bull. In Greek mythology Taurus was the masculine bull form of Zeus. His oozing sex appeal was said to be what lured Europa to him.

Throughout history, people used bull as a great example of supreme power and sexuality. They are known to be overly protective of their loved ones and constituents. It places great emphasis on the bull’s sheer power as a force to reckon with.


Gemini is usually represented by twins. But if this one’s become too common or ordinary for you, why not spice it up a bit? Any pair with two identical elements could be great symbols for this zodiac sign!

The Gemini angel with the devil is a great example. The most common stereotype for Geminis is that they’re two faced. In that they have both good and bad sides. Imagine the idea of an angel and a devil each comfortably perched on your shoulders. Always telling you two different things that could drive you insane!


There are two ways you could go with, elaborate or minimalist. The crab tattoo that symbolizes Cancer is easily customizable depending on your chosen size, style, design and color preferences. Animals look good as larger tattoo pieces, so don’t be scared to go big!

However, you could always opt for the simpler, yet beautiful minimal constellation tattoos. They’re very basic, with the artist using small dotted line connections and ‘x’ marks to show the star placements.


Tall and proud, this zodiac sign represented by the lion is a symbol fit for kings. If you don’t want your design too loud and bold, you can always go for the constellation tattoo. You can have it placed between your upper chest and shoulder if you want people to have a clear view. Despite being minimal, constellation tattoos can still be very beautiful and attractive!


The Virgo maiden tattoo is another classic you may want to try out. There are tons of variations of women you can choose from to fit your own style and personality. This is a mixture of black ink techniques that includes heavy shading and thickness in lines. Despite the woman being drawn in detail, the artist can make the Virgo pop to make it easy to spot.


The Libra represents balance and harmony, thus the scales symbol. This tattoo has clear and delicate outlines that are perfect for those who want it small and simple.

For those who wish to have a more whimsical feel, they could go for the Libra constellation design. It’s miniature, doodle-like inscriptions make this tattoo intriguing. The stars, hearts, and dotted lines puts the added charm!


The scorpion in itself is already an amazing visual without it having to be too obviously astrology-related. This can be a fun and colorful mix of animal at the center and flowers surrounding it. But if you think this is not you and prefer a minimalist view, that’s fine too. You could go for a bold and simple Scorpio depiction minus all the adornments that go with it.


If this pandemic is bringing you down and travel is not yet an option, you can pacify your wandering feet by having your fave Sagittarius tattooed on it! Instead of going for the usual arrows, or constellation designs, why not choose your dream vacation spot? It could be its map, its coordinates, the reef, the mountains-anything that reminds you of this heavenly place!


Capricorns are known to be focused, hardworking, and relentless when it comes to achieving their goals. They are not easily distracted. Nothing can come between them and their dreams. They’re always grounded and not one to announce every nitty gritty detail about their life. Thus, a tall, strongly rooted tree is a great tattoo symbol for you.


Aquarius loves to make this world a better place. As the song goes, for you and for me and the entire human race! Thus, Mandala is the perfect tattoo for you. Its circular design reflects eternity, balance and perfection.

Mandala designs are remarkably mesmerizing! The designs’ substance and origins give them a deeper meaning. It could mean so many different things for so many people. So, you can rest assured that yours will be totally unique and special!


A pair of fish is the most common representation of the zodiac sign Pisces. You have the option of asking your tattoo artist to stick with the classic black ink for the entire image. However, the intricate details, intense shading and dot additions could spell the difference between lame and awesome!


Each person is unique, and when getting a tattoo, your body is your canvass. So a humble advice before getting one:

Unless you’re getting a temporary tat, you don’t want to wake up with a hangover matched with regret! Your tattoos are expressions of your innermost self. Sure, it’s your body, but please, choose wisely!


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