Inked Luck: Exploring the World of Casino-Themed Tattoos

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Tattoos have become more mainstream and accepted in recent years. This has resulted in more people willing to get tattoos of things that were once considered weird or absurd. Playing at casinos and gambling establishments is a pastime that’s increasingly becoming common among young people.

This demographic is also the leader in tattoo popularity, with a 2010 Pew Research Center survey confirming that roughly 40% of Americans aged 18-29 had at least one tattoo. So it’s no surprise that casino-themed tattoos are becoming more popular in recent times. Casino players are steadily finding ways to showcase their passion for gambling, and one of the ways they are doing this is through casino-themed tattoos.

These tattoos range from designs of roulette wheels, dice, slot symbols, and cards. Here, we’ll explore the world of casino-themed inks and discuss everything you need to know about the fast-growing trend. Our information on the casino games these tattoos represent comes from, a hub for all things casino-related.

A Brief History of Tattoos and Gambling

The history of body art dates back to several thousand years ago in Egypt and different parts of the world. Over time, it became associated with sailors, who helped increase its popularity heavily. In the 18th century, there were already multiple records of professional tattoo artists and shops in the US and Europe.

However, the main tattoo boom came after the US civil war and was a result of many soldiers getting it. It rapidly became fashionable and popular among upper-class young adults and military men. In 1975, there were only 40 recorded tattoo shops in the US. This number grew to over 5000 in 1980, and by 2000, recorded body ink shops were over 10,000.

There was an increased portrayal of tattoos in movies, books, and comics. It became a common cultural trend as safer techniques evolved. Oklahoma became the last US state to legalize tattoos in 2006. Also, body inks are generally legal in most nations around the world. However, some countries have stricter regulations and are heavy on body artists having medical licenses.

Tattoo and Gambling

People generally have different reasons for getting tattoos. Some do so because of the aesthetics and beauty; others get body inks to associate themselves with a particular group and ideology, while some get them to show passion for something they love. Most gambling tattoos fall into the last category.

Some people also get gambling and casino-themed inks because they believe it’ll bring them good luck. But whatever the reason, there’s no denying that these casino-themed tattoos are increasingly becoming popular today. Let’s look at some of the more common gambling body arts and what they signify.

Popular Casino-Themed Tattoos

Here are some of the most common casino-themed tattoos in the world today and what they signify.

1. Card Tattoos

Card tattoos featuring playing cards like kings, queens, spades, and aces have become popular in recent years. Some people now get body inks of royal straight flushes or other winning hands to symbolize fortune, good luck, and fate.

Others do it simply because of their passion for poker or to remember a hand that helped them win a big pot. Ace of Spades is one of the most popular card tattoos due to how highly ranked it is in most card games. It symbolizes strength, achievement, and leadership.

2. Roulette Tattoos

Roulette tattoos are growing in popularity among casino fans. They usually feature a roulette wheel with black and red colors symbolizing chance, probability, and luck. People also draw roulette inks to symbolize their confidence and courage to always take risks and enjoy life to the fullest.

3. Dice Tattoos

Dice designs are very common, even amongst non-casino lovers. Sometimes they might be drawn alone or as a part of a larger design. They symbolize luck, the risk of gambling, and the willingness to take adventures. Some also use dice tattoos to symbolize boldness, fortune, and confidence.

The Bottom Line

The history of body arts can be traced back to several centuries ago when people used them to identify themselves and showcase the things they were passionate about. In recent times, there has been a rise in the popularity of casino-themed tattoos, ranging from dice to slot symbols and cards. These inks mean so much to different people and will continue to be a trend for gamblers and non-gamblers.

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