How to become a good tattoo master while you are studying in college?

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Being a tattoo artist is a desirable job for many youngsters and not only. If you are a student passionate about tattoos and want to pursue a career as a tattoo artist, you should know that the world is your oyster. Even though you are currently studying in college, which pretty much takes up almost all of your time, you should not be discouraged. Here we’ll discuss how you can become a good tattoo master while studying in college and taking care of your health too.

Have the Courage to Pursue Your Passion

Many students that want to become tattoo masters let themselves be defeated by the fact that they don’t have any art degree. If you are studying art, then this career choice might come naturally. But if you are studying something that is not related to art and tattoos, then it might feel odd. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you can pursue your passion while studying in college. You just have to gather up the courage to do it. There are so many tattoo artists and masters that do not have an art degree, but who create incredible and amazing tattoos. All you need is creativity and practice.

Get Help With Coursework Writing

One of the challenges many students face during college is the task of coursework writing. You surely get essays, assignments, and group projects too. This takes up a lot of time because you need to invest resources into research, writing, proofreading, organizing the information, and so on. If you need help with coursework, many professional writers can support you in this process. Like this, you will work with them to improve your writing skills. And the better you will become, the less time it will take you. Professional writers can edit and proofread your essay so that you have more time to pursue your passion.

Become an Apprentice

Tattoos are forms of art, and the artist should be well prepared to meet all the clients’ expectations. It is important to know that your responsibility as a tattoo master is huge, as tattoos are permanent. And we all can imagine the disappointment of an ugly tattoo on your skin. This is why it is important to learn all the basic tattoo techniques and methods. But how can you better do this while you are studying in college?

If you manage your time and projects effectively and also get the help of professional essay writers, you can search for apprentice opportunities online. There are many tattoo studios with experienced tattoo artists that are willing to share their experience and knowledge. Having a mentor when learning the basics of this art is essential, as your mentor will be there to guide and help you polish your skills. As you are a student, you also need to save time to study. Many apprenticeships are part-time and with flexible working hours, so maybe you find one that fits your schedule.

Create Your Portfolio

One of the most important things is to create a portfolio with your drawings and tattoos. Even though you may not have tattooed many people until now, you have surely practiced drawing some tattoos. Keep in mind that the art of tattoos is not only about the actual process of tattooing but also about the creativity and skills of the tattoo master.

You may like a certain tattoo style more than others. For example, you may like watercolor tattoos more than monochrome ones. Maybe you like more drawing flowers and natural elements, then abstract tattoos. As a tattoo artist, it is important to be versatile and flexible. But as a beginner, a portfolio with your drawings and tattoos can get you more clients. Take a photo of the finished tattoo after you ask the client for permission and use it to promote yourself.


Being a student comes with responsibilities, but during college, most students want to pursue their passions in their spare time. Becoming a tattoo master involves a long journey, a lot of practice and creativity, and many students are determined to do this. Gather the courage to pursue this passion, get help with coursework writing, build your portfolio, and unleash your creativity. Search for tattoo apprenticeships to develop your tattoo skills and practice.

Author Bio: Michael Turner is a content writer passionate about tattoos. Even though his parents did not agree with it, Michael got until now five tattoos. He wants to become a tattoo artist.

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