8 Good Luck Tattoo Designs for Better Fortune

Are you tired of your bad luck and losing bets and gambles? An approach to good luck tattoos may repel your lousy luck. Many people invest their time and money in tattoos that can bring Fortune.

You can also find a professional custom tattoo maker to hit jackpots next time you play the Casino games. But good luck tattoos are not only for gambles and bets. These cherished tattoos have much more meaning to them.

You can get these tattoos to make your business thrive or have better luck in your relationships. What’s more, these good luck tattoos not only work for humans; you can also make them on your animals.

As a charm that spells to repel negative energy, a good fortune tattoo holds massive power. But it only works best if you believe. You can have these tattoos on any part of your body; there is no restriction.

You can sport them on visible body parts or quiet areas based on your preference. Interested enough? Let’s take a look at the Fortune inviting charms and tattoo ideas: 


Chinese strongly believe in dragon energy and their fortune-building abilities. As dragons are powerful creatures, their tattoos are a sign of luck. You can also get lucky with power and authority besides wealth.

Apart from Chinese culture, many people globally believe in it and carry these around one way or other. But if you want a tattoo, consider getting dragons and getting lucky.


You should get a beautiful peony tattoo if you seek good Fortune in your love life and family relationships. It is the best choice if you love flowers, as this soft flower can sustain your love life and relationships that you can’t control.


As you may know, dreamcatchers filter not only bad dreams but also filter lousy luck. They protect you from evil eyes and energy. Dreamcatcher tattoos not only look aesthetic but also bring you good Fortune. 

Manei Neko

If you have ever visited a Chinese or Japanese home, you must have seen a cat with a paw held up. That cat is known as Manei Neko. For ages, people have believed that they bring money and good fortunes if they keep them close. 

You can get this cute cat and enhance your chances of better Fortune.

Four Leaf Clover

Since four-leaf clover is rare among many three-leaved ones, it is a sign of good luck, specifically in western culture. You may have encountered stories of someone finding four-leaf clover and getting an enormous fortune.

Four leaves symbolize faith, love, luck, and hope. So getting them tattooed will be a good choice.

Wishbone Tattoos

Considering the folks, the wishbone tattoo is also a symbol of Fortune. As its name represents, it has become a sign to have your wishes fulfilled. Many people believe that if you get a significant portion of the wishbone, you will have better Fortune.

Besides everything, the wishbone tattoo invites positivity and riches, so get your for making it big.


An angelic representative in numerology is 777, so people believe it brings good luck as angels are watching them. It has another meaning, if you have played slots on the best Canadian online casinos, you must be familiar with it.

The triple seven represents the jackpot in slots, so you may find many gamblers and casino players have this tattoo imprinted on their bodies. 

Food Dog

A tattoo loved by many girls and boys alike is the Food Dog tattoo. It is also a common tattoo that brings good Fortune in terms of riches. It not only brings you money but also protects you and your home from any misfortune in terms of money.

If you are into the fierce and bold tattoo, consider getting this Food dog for utmost luck.

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