Getting a Facial Tattoo: Pros and Cons

Life changes after you have your first tattoo. It is not so much about the people who keep asking you all kinds of questions like, “does it hurt?”, “what does it mean?”, or, our favorite, “won’t you regret it?”. Nope. It’s just that you keep wanting more. After the first tattoo, you realize all your prior fears were for nothing. It is not as painful as people say. It is not scary, and it is definitely not something you necessarily regret. You learn to view your tattoos as self-expression. It is your way to declare to the world about yourselves. However, a facial tattoo can be the whole new thing to ponder upon. Facial tattoos are viewed differently from any other tattoos. So, you better be sure about what you are getting into before deciding. Let’s see what the pros and cons of facial tattoos are and whether they are worth it. 

Pros: Self-expression

It is all about you and your vision of your body. Tattoos are art created on your skin. It is your way to show how you see yourself. They are often inspired by some events, people, or feelings that are deer to you. It is only up to you to decide whether to put them on your skin or not. Your desire to commit to your true self plays a crucial role here. Self-expression is what tattoo art is all about. You are showing the world some part of your inner personality. You let the people have a glance into your soul. If you find your need for self-expression as important as we do, you should move forward with whatever tattoo you are willing to put on your body.

Cons: Perception

You’ll notice that people’s perceptions of you will change. It is not your friends who are going to think differently. Strangers will. People with facial tattoos are still a rather new concept, really. Tattoos in general are barely making it towards social acceptance. Facial tattoos, on the other hand, have a long way ahead of them. They are still surrounded by a lot of stigma and false judgments. Even though having a facial tattoo does not make you a criminal or rapper out of the blue, they do affect your social position. People see tattoos before they get a chance to see a person. The truth is, facial tattoos are widely associated with marginalized groups of people. Hence, by deciding to make one, you can enter that same group without being aware of it. You can be the smartest person in the course, though no one will come to you asking for college homework help, judging just by your looks. It may be harder to receive jobs in hospitality or retail. People may make assumptions about you that do not match with your personality, all just on the basis of a facial tattoo. You have to be ready for that when you decide to have something tattooed on your face. 

Pros: Beauty

Despite what many people think, face tattoos can be really pretty. Of course, it all depends on what you want to have tattooed on your face. Though, more often than not, such tattoos look unique, interesting, and quite beautiful. Of course, you may go for a more edgy look. You’ll definitely receive it with a facial tattoo, no doubt about that either. Though, face tattoos don’t have to be edgy, scary, or intimidating. They can also be gorgeous art pieces that complement your face and emphasize your best facial features. You can do my homework for me here and look for various photos of facial tattoos. You’ll see how often that is done for that sake of beauty rather than anything else. 

Cons: Pain

Yes, it is the obvious reason for not doing a facial tattoo. Yet, we were not able to skip it. You can have a proper essay written at about the nine circles of hell while having your face tattooed. Of course, we all react to pain differently. Our skin reacts to needles differently. Some of us feel a lot of pain while getting a tattoo; others are having a blast feeling close to nothing. However, even if you already have a few tattoos done somewhere on your body, you have to be ready for a different level of pain in this scenario. The skin on a face is much more sensitive, thin, and delicate. So it can be a big challenge for you to sit through the entire tattoo session. 

The bottom line

By the end of the day, it’s you who decide whether to go with it or not. It is your body, so the choice is yours. You have to know about the cons of having facial tattoos, of course. You should be prepared for some downfalls of that decision. Though, it doesn’t mean you have to care about them. If you are certain in your decision, ready to take this responsibility, and love getting new tattoos, go for it!

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