Covered in Tattoos & Unemployable: Have These People Taken Their Passion for Ink Too Far?

Tattoos have enjoyed a celebrity boost in recent years with pop stars like Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine both sporting sprawling collections of ink. It seems this rush of celebrating endorsements has spearheaded a tattoo resurgence, leading to many individuals making hasty tattoo decisions.

Although we may see tattoos as an act of rebellion against society, they actually dated back to the Neolithic period and were used by indigenous tribes during religious ceremonies as a rite of passage. One of the most well-known cultures to embrace tattoos are the New Zealand Māori, who do their traditional tattoos, known as ta moko, on a person’s face. Each tattoo symbolizes a unique tribal message telling the story of the wearer’s family and tribal affiliations. 

There are no two ways about it: there are tattoos that are done tastefully, then there are ones that are head-scratchers and done for sheer shock tactics. So, if you can’t come to terms with body art that won’t be accepted by the general public, much less your potential workplace, you better think twice before getting inked. Or else, if you don’t mind being unemployed, get whatever your heart desires and accept the prospect of not being able to have a consistent and steady income.

With that said, there are other ways and means to make some extra money, which are surprisingly fun. If you’re one to enjoy playing online slots or other casino games, there are providers who offer free casino bonuses that you can turn into actual cash! But, be warned, there’s no guaranteed win, and even if you do choose to go down this avenue, you need to be realistic in your expectations and play responsibly. Otherwise, you best be choosing something which is either minimalist, easily covered, or, at the very least, not controversial – unlike the people in the stories we’ll be discussing below….

Out of Fashion

In the early 2000s, at the height of their celebrity Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie and Drew Barrymore were all rocking lower back tattoos or as they were famously referred to later on ‘tramp stamps.’ Maggie, just 21 years old at the time, wanted to commemorate her birthday trip to Las Vegas and didn’t think twice about jumping on the lower back bandwagon. She thought everyone was doing it so it couldn’t hurt right?

Unfortunately for Maggie, her luck would soon run out a few years later when she auditioned for a career-changing role in a serious Broadway play that required nudity. Casting agents passed on Maggie as soon as they saw her large lower back tattoo claiming makeup would not be enough to cover it up.

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

David was super excited to host their best friend Peter’s bachelor party. He gathered a group of 12 men and headed to Mexico for a fun-filled week of mischief. What started out as harmless fun quickly turned into a night of regrets when David and Peter had too much to drink and decided to get matching face tattoos with ‘Mexico 2019’ written on them.

It’s hard to say whether it was the language barrier or the pair’s drunken slurs that caused the tattoo to read ‘Mexicock 2019’ instead. Unfortunately for Peter, his fiance was not pleased and had to delay the wedding to the following year giving Peter’s face enough time to heal from the tattoo removal. As for David, well he also had to step away from his corporate job as clients complained that they found his face tattoo very offensive.

Not Cool For School

35-year-old Kat got a job as a kindergarten assistant in her town’s local primary school. She joined the school during the winter period when her heavily tattooed body was covered up. However as soon as summer rolled around and Kat debuted short sleeves showcasing her arms, she got sent a warning from the school.

The warning included a copy of the school’s dress code which stated that visible tattoos and piercings should be covered up as they did not set a good example for the students. Kat tried to speak with the headmaster as the children seemed to like talking about her tattoos but the headmaster informed her that her parents had issued several complaints. Embarrassed Kat resigned and has struggled to find another job in education ever since.

Missed Promotion

Dylan had been working at the same restaurant in his hometown for the past 4 years. Having recently lost his father Dylan wanted to honor his old man by tattooing his portrait on his forearm. When his performance review came around a couple of months later his boss didn’t mention his previously promised promotion which confused Dylan since the business was booming and he had been working harder than ever.

Feeling like he was owed an explanation, Dylan confronted his boss and asked why he hadn’t been given the promotion he was promised. His boss explained that unfortunately he no longer saw Dylan as restaurant manager material as his new tattoo made him appear unprofessional. Devastated, Dylan remained working at the restaurant as a waiter.

Faced With Problems

Jenny and her husband Nigel decided to venture out down under for a new adventure however it did not go as originally planned. Faced with the hope of new opportunities Jenny and Nigel were soon knocked back down to reality. The heavily tattooed couple spent months trying to find jobs in Sydney, struggling to even secure interviews.

Their troubles did stop there, the couple also recalled facing discrimination while they were out on the streets often experiencing verbal abuse from people even crossing the street to avoid walking by them. The couple finally had to cut their losses and return to the UK more wounded than before.