What Body Parts do Squats Help You to Build Muscle?

Squats are an excellent exercise to work out your lower body. It’s so beneficial that football players keep it on their top 5 list of core lifts for building lower-body strength. Additionally, it’s what trainers refer to as a foundational movement pattern or an exercise that you can do at any fitness and coordination level. 


The quad muscles are essential for sprinting down the sidelines, plowing through the defensive line, and diving for the end zone score. An excellent exercise to build the quadriceps is the box front squat. Complete low reps in sets of 1 to 4 for maximum results. These work out your hamstrings and glutes as well. Strengthening these core lower body muscles can reduce injuries and boost your gameplay. 


Box front squats are also ideal for working out your glutes. Working these muscles will give you a tight bum, great posture, and power. Keeping them lean and strong helps the pelvis stay aligned and reduces the chance of injuries following a tough hit on the field. To maximize your results for glutes and hamstrings, complete a few sets of box front squats with your work out. Other types of squats that workout these muscles are the bodyweight squat, jump squat, dumbbell thruster, and barbell front squat. 


As mentioned, the box squat also strengthens your hamstrings. All athletes, including professional NFL players, are more prone to injuries to these muscles when their training doesn’t target the hamstrings. However, another effective exercise to tune up these strings is the back squat. In addition to your hamstrings, this move is ideal for maintaining strong legs.


If you want a pelvis that could outmaneuver Elvis, you want to work your adductors. Squats for these muscles are important on the stage and field. Inadequate training can leave players ripe for groin strains, putting you out of action for a game or two. Adductors allow wide receivers to twist around and catch the pass and quarterbacks to look side-to-side, pivot, and throw that perfect spiral in a few seconds.

Spinal Erectors

Your spinal erectors are invaluable. They protect your spine and help stabilize your core. Use these muscles to power through a defense line or make the leaping catch in the endzone. The spinal erectors can improve your vertical leap, and without them, your game will be mediocre at best. If you skip this area, you could place yourself at risk for serious injuries. Work these with box squats and Bulgarian split squats for maximum strengthening. 

Abdominals & Obliques

These are your front and side abdominal muscles. Skipping these will cost you your six-pack and much more. Although most people think of crunches for here, the squat can be more effective because it works out more muscles. The standard, box, dumbbell, and squat thrust can work out the core and lower body together for the most benefit. Keeping your abdominals and obliques will also boost your endurance, which is essential for hanging and banging on the field for four quarters. 


Speaking of endurance, your calf muscles play a huge role in allowing you to run up and down the field. You don’t want them to be too big that moving is complicated, but lean calf muscles are vital to staying on top of your game. Squats are one of the top compound exercises available that are simple and build strong legs. Similar moves to add to your list and complement your workout include deadlifts and lunges. Make sure to give your calves at least 72 hours between training sessions to prevent injuries. 

Upper Back

When you hit the back squat, you workout your upper and lower body. Each exercise molds a different area. Athletes, particularly football players, use much of their upper and lower body strength throughout the game, no matter what position they play. Back squats are ideal for more than your spine. They also work out your spinal erectors, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. There are several types of squats to build your lower body. Whether you’re training to make the team or just staying in shape, the squat muscles worked will help you stay at the top of your game. For the best results, make sure to add a few types to challenge all the lower body muscles.