Beautiful Egyptian Tattoo Ideas (2024)

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You can educate yourself on a variety of tattoo tips and watch endless videos on YouTube from respected tattoo artists, but coming up with a solid tattoo idea can still be a challenge. After all, given that any decision you make is essentially going to be on your skin forever, it’s important to be confident in your idea, right?

For many people, one tattoo style that has always been popular and is currently experiencing another rise to prominence is Egyptian tattoos, particularly from ancient Egypt. Whether they’ve been inspired by movies like The Mummy, travel documentaries on Ancient Egypt, or dedicated a serious amount of time to playing products like the Desert Treasure casino game, it’s a tattoo genre that is perfect for millions of people. Of course, you can go down many different avenues with an Egyptian-themed tattoo also, with people opting for anything from classic symbolism to pictures of tombs, and even the tattooed geometric patterns and images ancient Egyptians had on their bodies.

Given this particular category’s array of options, it can be a tad overwhelming when aiming to decide on a beautiful Egyptian-themed tattoo. So, in order to provide you with some inspiration, let’s take a look at some solid ideas that might just tickle your fancy.

The Ankh is a symbol people go for

An instantly recognizable symbol, the ankh is a great symbol to add to your collection of tattoos. Representing the sun and said to provide energy to everyone and anything around it, it’s also a symbol that bonds men and women together. Additionally, it was even regarded by many as the key to life after death, with it offering a solid representation of both the power of eternity and the impact of love. Also seen in art from the era and pictured inside tombs, this prominent Egyptian symbol makes for an excellent tattoo, particularly as it can be executed in a variety of ways.

Bes is popular with mothers

One of the most popular avenues people go down is by selecting a god they adore or simply like the look of. An option that is particularly popular with mothers is the god Bes, an ancient Egyptian deity who was worshipped as a protector of mothers and children, while also looking after households and supporting mothers during the challenge of childbirth. The area where you’d want Bes is totally up to you, but it’s commonly seen on women’s thighs.

A pharaoh is a go-to option for many

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Given the power a pharaoh possesses, alongside the generally slick designs that can be drawn up by talented artists, many people want the ruler of ancient Egypt on their skin. Not just a ruler of the people, but also a god on earth, a pharaoh tattoo oozes power and authority as well as provides energy and confidence. In order to pull off a design of this type, confidence is key, especially when factoring in the pharaoh’s undoubted ability to have power over those around him. The meaning of a pharaoh tattoo aside, it’s a lovely design to take on that can sit beautifully on an arm or even as a full design on the back.

God Anubis will offer protection

Anubis is a prominently featured ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal and a human lower body. Anubis is said to hold many meanings too, with people opting for this design after taking a different route in life or after losing a loved one who they hope will still be watching over and guiding them on their journey.

Other options include a mythical sphinx, a temple, and the Eye of Horus.

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