80 Traditional Viking Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2018)

Viking Tattoos Designs

31. Knuckle tattoos are not so common and it is hard to find a Viking knuckle tattoo. Here is a good idea for that.(Cute tattoos for best friend)
ancient viking tattoos

32. Viking tattoos will look even more majestic with motivational quotes.
viking raven tattoos

33. Apart from legs, shoulder and upper arm are also popular body part for Viking tattoos.
viking tattoos for women

34. I do not know why this Viking warrior has a third eye on his forehead. If you know about any story then please share it in comment.
viking tattoos for men

35. Here is a Viking tattoo on upper arm of this young boy.
viking tattoos designs

36. A warrior is no warrior if he does not have any injury or war mark on his body. Here is one eyed Viking warrior tattoo.
viking compass tattoos

37. This Viking warrior has two raven and I would suggest you to use only one raven
simple viking tattoos

38. Viking usually do not tie up their hairs but you can have one such Viking tattoo where the hair of the Viking warrior are tied.
small viking tattoos

39. Here is a super cool Viking warrior with helmet on the shoulder of this boy.
viking face tattoos

40. If you want a full sleeve Viking tattoo then you should add other objects from the Viking mythology too to the tattoo.
viking style tattoos