80 Traditional Viking Tattoos Designs & Ideas (2018)

Ancient Viking Tattoos

11. Crows mystifies the Viking saga so if you want to add any animal with your Viking warrior then add crow or raven.(Pretty sister tattoos)
viking leg tattoos

12. Viking goddess tattoos are equally popular as Viking god and warrior tattoos. Here is an animated Viking goddess tattoo.
viking tattoos ideas

13. This Viking tattoo suggest that Viking were soul less people who were always ready for fight or war
viking armor tattoos

14. I am very much impressed by the detailing of the facial hair of this Viking warrior tattoo.
viking sword tattoos

15. Here is a tattoo inspired from a Viking stencil drawing.
viking sleeve tattoos

16. This Viking art tattoo will look amazing on part of body (I would prefer chest though).
viking warrior symbols tattoos

17. Viking travelled a lot in the 9th century and that is why ship plays an important role in their mythology.
viking tattoos historical

18. You will hardly see any Viking warrior tattoo without a helmet. Those determined eyes behind the helmet surely send shivers down the spine.
viking knotwork tattoos

19. The beauty of this Viking tattoo lies in the fact that the sea is not shown as peaceful and calm. The deadly seas claimed lives of thousands of Viking during that era.
viking knot tattoos

20. I do not know why this Viking art tattoo is designed like that but if you want a temporary Viking tattoo then this will work fine.
viking rune tattoos