Top 51 Best Tattoos For Men With Meaning (2017)

Best Tattoos For Men

41. Men usually do not opt for stomach tattoos but few tattoo designs are so good on stomach that it is hard to neglect. Here is an amazing stomach tattoos for men.
stomach tattoos for men

42. One tattoo design often neglected by men is superhero logo but if you are die-hard fan of any superhero then you must try a superhero logo design on shoulder or forearm.
leg tattoo ideas for men

43. This realistic tiger tattoo design on the shoulder of this boy is fantastic. Tiger tattoos suit those men who are agile, strong and focused just like tiger.
tiger and lion tattoo designs for men

44. Tortoise or turtle tattoos for men represent adaptation, determination and consistency. Tortoise has a very long life that usually crosses up to 200 years. The artist beautifully added a Yin Yang design to this tortoise tattoo there by stating that life is long but one must balance his thoughts in life.
elbow tattoos for guys

45. If you lost your father or brother in war then an appropriate and heart touching memorial tattoo idea is to try an army uniform tattoo along with guns and boot like this.
memorial men tattoo ideas

46. Here is another Celtic tattoo design that represents the crown of a Celtic king along with Nordic warriors’ weapons. Cool for those who like Vikings and Celtic culture.
manly skull tattoo designs

47. You can opt for a simple tattoo design gives it a unique and interesting look. For example this circle tattoo design is made interesting by the addition of barb style wire around it.
tiny small men tattoo ideas

48. This wolf tattoo design on hand turned out so good that I actually wish that this was inked on some other body part like chest or rib cage may be.
wolf tattoo idea for man

49. If you opt for a Celtic or tribal tattoo design then I would suggest you to give it a 3D impression as it will make the tattoo amazingly impressive.
side chest tattoos for men

50. I know Zombie tattoos are not opted by anyone but if you are fan of The Walking dead TV series then you would probably like this Zombie tattoo design.
men tattoo designs for foot

51. When I talk about tattoos for men with meaning I look for manly tattoos and what would be more manly and patriotic tattoo then a bald eagle tattoo. Here is one majestic bald eagle tattoo on the upper arm of this guy.
bicep tattoos for Men

Which men tattoo idea from the above photo gallery attracted you the most?