Top 51 Best Tattoos For Men With Meaning (2017)

There are like thousands of ideas on tattoos for men but most boys often get confused to pick up the perfect tattoo for themselves. We here compiled a list of 50 best men tattoo ideas that will suit most of the guys. Before looking for the perfect tattoo design for yourself I would suggest you to make your mind about the right body part for a tattoo design. Most men prefer chest tattoos, arm tattoos or back tattoos. There are many other who like thigh tattoos and calf tattoos. It’s up to you whether you want a tattoo on lower body part or on upper body part. But one thing you should know is that the size of tattoo must perfectly blend with the body part. For example if you want to get tattooed on wrist then pick small tattoos designs and if you want tattoo on back or chest then large size tattoo design will look better. Here are 50 best and meaningful tattoos for men

Men Tattoos Ideas

1. This amazing rose tattoo was inked on this man by our friend and popular tattoo artist sashaunisex. You can follow their instagram profile to stay updated with more unique tattoo ideas.
Rose tattoos For Men

2. It is common among male tattoo lovers to have full sleeve tattoos but meaningful full sleeve tattoos are hard to find. Here is a meaningful full sleeve tattoo that will suit those guys who are looking for a good design on both sleeves.
half sleeve tattoos for men

3. Navy tattoos are extremely popular among men but sometimes they get confused to choose the right design for themselves. How about you opt for a tattoo that has all the major navy designs in it?
upper arm tattoo ideas for men

4. Blackwork tattoos are not so much tried by men but trust me they are badass tattoo styles and made using solid black thick ink. Here is a neo tribal bracelet tattoo inked on wrist and elbow.
wrist tattoo designs for men

5. Men are fond of machinery and this is the reason that biomechanical tattoos for men are so popular. Here is an awesome bio mechanical tattoo design on forearm that can only be pulled off by an experienced tattoo artist.
forearm tattoos for boys

6. You might like to have an offbeat and somewhat funny tattoo design with your buddies. How about a rock paper scissor tattoos that you can share with your best friends. It will look best on calf.
calf tattoos for guys

7. Butterfly tattoos are usually considered a feminine design but if you opt for a meaningful and impressive butterfly tattoo like this then surely you will get a positive response from viewers.
men tattoo ideas on neck

8. This neo tribal castle tattoo design is perfectly suited for those men who are in love or who have a high dream that they are dedicated to achieve.
men tattoo designs on hand

9. Celtic tattoos are often opted by men because they are considered as the symbolism of masculinity. If you think so too then here is a cool Celtic tattoo design for you.
Celtic tattoos for men

10. The more realism you add to your tattoo design the better it would look. So if you opt for an animal tattoo then go for a realistic animal tattoo design. Look at this jaw dropping deer tattoo design on the chest of this boy.
chest tattoos for men

Men Tattoo Designs

11. This is very meaningful and powerful quote tattoos for men. It is said that real men do not fear death. This quote will suit those men.
cross tattoos for men

12. The wing tattoo design on the chest of this guy could be improved by making it large in size. Also the crown needs to be placed near the collar bone.
meaningful chest tattoos ideas for men

13. Men are more attracted to devil tattoos as compared to women. Here is a scary devil tattoo design on the shoulder this man.
shoulder tattoo for men

14. If you are a person who wish for world peace then you should opt for a dove tattoo design. If you wish for peace in life then go for a stairway to heaven tattoo design.
upper arm tattoo designs for men

15. Roman numerals tattoos always look amusing. One cool idea is to get your date of birth tattooed in roman numerals like this. Also there is a beautiful elephant tattoo.
forearm tattoo for boys

16. Honestly no ordinary tattoo artist can pull off such majestic design. It is one in a thousand tattoo designs and should be tried only if you know any experienced tattoo artist.
chest tattoos for guys

17. Playing card tattoos are also popular among men but there are not many unique designs. Here is a unique playing card tattoo design on the chest of this man.
collar bone men tattoo ideas

18. Watercolor tattoos or pastel tattoos are usually opted by girls. If you want a watercolour tattoo then here is a solar system tattoo design for you to consider.
men tattoo designs on back

19. Instead of opting for a fallen angel or angel wings tattoo design I would highly recommend you to try warrior angel tattoo design and that too on full back or full chest like this.
full back tattoos for men

20. If you want a cool tattoo design on hand then go for tribal designs. Here is a cool maori tattoo design on the hand of this man.
hand tattoos for men

Tattoo Ideas for Men

21. One thing that you can do is to give a try to traditional tattoos. Here is a traditional horse tattoo design on the back of this man which is suited for men who love horses.
upper back tattoos for men

22. This hourglass tattoo with eye at the centre can be improved a lot by removing the blood design from it. This will probably suit on guys who went through a heart break.
tattoos for men on arm sleeves

23. Even though women are more talkative but men love conspiracy theories more than women. Illuminati is related to one of the most popular conspiracy theory in the world. Here is an illuminati logo tattoo design for you.
small tattoo ideas for men

24. If you want to have a forest tattoo design or a tree tattoo design then forearm is the best place to it. You can give a neo tribal look to the grass at the base and make it even more impressive like this.
tattoo designs for men on half sleeves

25. One well tried tattoo idea among men is to have a tribal design on both pecks of chest and leave the inner space as it is. Here is the illustration of such tattoos.
tattoos for boys on shoulder and arm

26. Men are more attracted to villains or anti-heroes. This is the reason why Joker, Batman, Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader and Deadpool are so popular. You can try a tattoo design of any of these characters.
quote tattoos for guys

27. There are many tribal symbols that are considered lucky. You can get them tattooed on your body but they should be placed on right body part otherwise it will not be appreciated as an ideal tattoo for man.
men tattoos ideas for shoulder

28. Here is another tribal symbol tattoo design that is best suited for full back. I would recommend you to try tribal designs on full back.
men tattoos designs on full back

29. Johnny Depp portrayed the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. He made this sparrow tattoo design on forearm very popular.
ankle tattoos for men

30. Why a Mushroom tattoo, eh? Look for the meaning of mushroom tattoo on google and you surely love to have a mushroom tattoo on your body.
side tattoos for men

Tattoo Designs For Men

31. Here is a realistic angel wings tattoo design that is perfectly placed and made even better by showing a bone tattoo in the middle.
spine tattoos for men

32. Hindu God Shiva is popular worldwide due to his chill attitude. You should try his trident tattoo design with the word OM inked in Sanskrit like this.
forearm tattoos for men

33. If you want a realistic tattoo design then placement matters a lot. This owl tattoo design would have looked normal on any other body part but as it is placed in neck I am sure it will give chills to children at night (due to the moving neck).
neck tattoo ideas for men

34. If you support wildlife conservation and believe that trees need to be protected then you should opt for a tree tattoo design placed on globe and without leaves like this.
colourful tattoo designs for men

35. Pocket watch tattoo design is good for those who are looking for memorial tattoo design. Time never stops and pocket watch tattoo definitely give this message. Overall a cool tattoos for men.
manly hand tattoos

36. You will find many Native American symbols and tattoos on sites like tumblr, pinterest and deviantart. Check them out for a cool Native American tattoo design.
upper half sleeve men tattoo designs

37. Compass tattoos are meaningful as they are used in navigation. Even though they are opted by men in navy but this doesn’t mean that other people can’t try them.
coolest tattoos men

38. If you are religious person then you might consider getting tattooed with a religious symbol. If you opt for a cross tattoo then I would advise you to try a bible verse inside the cross like this.
rib cage tattoos for men

39. Real Men get matching tattoos with their better half. One very interesting idea is to try skull couple tattoo and here is a cool design for you.
meaningful matching tattoos for men

40. Snake are mysterious creatures that are in existence since billion years. If you want to show yourself as a mysterious person then opt for traditional snake tattoo.
finger tattoos for men

Best Tattoos For Men

41. Men usually do not opt for stomach tattoos but few tattoo designs are so good on stomach that it is hard to neglect. Here is an amazing stomach tattoos for men.
stomach tattoos for men

42. One tattoo design often neglected by men is superhero logo but if you are die-hard fan of any superhero then you must try a superhero logo design on shoulder or forearm.
leg tattoo ideas for men

43. This realistic tiger tattoo design on the shoulder of this boy is fantastic. Tiger tattoos suit those men who are agile, strong and focused just like tiger.
tiger and lion tattoo designs for men

44. Tortoise or turtle tattoos for men represent adaptation, determination and consistency. Tortoise has a very long life that usually crosses up to 200 years. The artist beautifully added a Yin Yang design to this tortoise tattoo there by stating that life is long but one must balance his thoughts in life.
elbow tattoos for guys

45. If you lost your father or brother in war then an appropriate and heart touching memorial tattoo idea is to try an army uniform tattoo along with guns and boot like this.
memorial men tattoo ideas

46. Here is another Celtic tattoo design that represents the crown of a Celtic king along with Nordic warriors’ weapons. Cool for those who like Vikings and Celtic culture.
manly skull tattoo designs

47. You can opt for a simple tattoo design gives it a unique and interesting look. For example this circle tattoo design is made interesting by the addition of barb style wire around it.
tiny small men tattoo ideas

48. This wolf tattoo design on hand turned out so good that I actually wish that this was inked on some other body part like chest or rib cage may be.
wolf tattoo idea for man

49. If you opt for a Celtic or tribal tattoo design then I would suggest you to give it a 3D impression as it will make the tattoo amazingly impressive.
side chest tattoos for men

50. I know Zombie tattoos are not opted by anyone but if you are fan of The Walking dead TV series then you would probably like this Zombie tattoo design.
men tattoo designs for foot

51. When I talk about tattoos for men with meaning I look for manly tattoos and what would be more manly and patriotic tattoo then a bald eagle tattoo. Here is one majestic bald eagle tattoo on the upper arm of this guy.
bicep tattoos for Men

Which men tattoo idea from the above photo gallery attracted you the most?

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