170+ Best Tattoos For Men With Meaning (2018)

Top Tattoos For Men

31. Here is a realistic angel wings tattoo design that is perfectly placed and made even better by showing a bone tattoo in the middle.(Father son symbol tattoos)
back tattoos for men

32. Hindu God Shiva is popular worldwide due to his chill attitude. You should try his trident tattoo design with the word OM inked in Sanskrit like this.
awesome tattoos for men

33. If you want a realistic tattoo design then placement matters a lot. This owl tattoo design would have looked normal on any other body part but as it is placed in the neck I am sure it will give chills to children at night (due to the moving neck).
neck tattoos for men

34. If you support wildlife conservation and believe that trees need to be protected then you should opt for a tree tattoo design placed on the globe and without leaves like this.
tattoos ideas for men

35. Pocket watch tattoo design is good for those who are looking for a memorial tattoo design. Time never stops and pocket watch tattoo definitely gives this message. Overall cool tattoos for men.
temporary tattoos for men

36. You will find many Native American symbols and tattoos on sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and DeviantArt. Check them out for a cool Native American tattoo design.
tribal tattoos for men

37. Compass tattoos are meaningful as they are used in navigation. Even though they are opted by men in navy but this doesn’t mean that other people can’t try them.
compass tattoos for men

38. If you are a religious person then you might consider getting tattooed with a religious symbol. If you opt for a cross tattoo then I would advise you to try a bible verse inside the cross like this.
Christian tattoos for men

39. Real Men get matching tattoos with their better half. One very interesting idea is to try skull couple tattoo and here is a cool design for you.
simple tattoos for men

40. Snake are mysterious creatures that are in existence for billion years. If you want to show yourself as a mysterious person then opt for traditional snake tattoo.
finger tattoos for men