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Top 50 Meaningful and Best Tattoos For Men (2017)

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21. One thing that you can do is to give a try to traditional tattoos. Here is a traditional horse tattoo design on the back of this man which is suited for men who love horses.
upper back tattoos for men
22. This hourglass tattoo with eye at the centre can be improved a lot by removing the blood design from it. This will probably suit on guys who went through a heart break.
tattoos for men on arm sleeves
23. Even though women are more talkative but men love conspiracy theories more than women. Illuminati is related to one of the most popular conspiracy theory in the world. Here is an illuminati logo tattoo design for you.
small tattoo ideas for men
24. If you want to have a forest tattoo design or a tree tattoo design then forearm is the best place to it. You can give a neo tribal look to the grass at the base and make it even more impressive like this.
tattoo designs for men on half sleeves
25. One well tried tattoo idea among men is to have a tribal design on both pecks of chest and leave the inner space as it is. Here is the illustration of such tattoos.
tattoos for boys on shoulder and arm
26. Men are more attracted to villains or anti-heroes. This is the reason why Joker, Batman, Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader and Deadpool are so popular. You can try a tattoo design of any of these characters.
quote tattoos for guys
27. There are many tribal symbols that are considered lucky. You can get them tattooed on your body but they should be placed on right body part.
men tattoos ideas for shoulder
28. Here is another tribal symbol tattoo design that is best suited for full back. I would recommend you to try tribal designs on full back.
men tattoos designs on full back
29. Johnny Depp portrayed the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. He made this sparrow tattoo design on forearm very popular.
ankle tattoos for men
30. Why a Mushroom tattoo, eh? Look for the meaning of mushroom tattoo on google and you surely love to have a mushroom tattoo on your body.
side tattoos for men