50 Sun and Moon Tattoos Ideas for Couples (2018)

Sun and Moon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs among couples. It defines completeness. This is the reason why many boys and girls madly in love with each other opt for this tattoo design. Here we present you 50 awesome sun and moon tattoos ideas for couples along with its meaning and ideal placement –

Moon and Sun Tattoos

1. In the old times people did not knew much about sun and moon so they had their own tattoo drawings and styles of sun and moon. Here is an ancient sun and moon tattoo on the side of this girl.(kiwi maori tattoos design)
Ancient Sun and Moon Tattoos

2. One awesome sun and moon tattoo idea would be to try the kissing version. But please don’t make sun so cold and unresponsive (If you know what I mean).
Awesome Sun and Moon Tattoos

3. Aztec civilization widely accepted Sun as a powerful god. You will find many sun tattoos inspired from Aztec civilization. However the Aztec sun and moon tattoos are not so widely popular.
Aztec Sun and Moon Tattoos

4. Egyptians knew how to describe major events in minimal drawings. Here is a minimal Egyptian sun and moon tattoo on both wrists of this girl.
Egyptian Sun and Moon Tattoos

5. Shoulder is not so popular placement for sun and moon tattoos because the couples have to move sideways to show them. Still here is one elegant sun and moon tattoo for you to consider.
Elegant Sun and Moon Tattoos

6. Many guys love to show their evil side or even dual personality. For this an evil sun and moon tattoo is a great idea.
evil Sun and Moon Tattoos

7. Girls can give a feminine look to their sun and moon tattoo by giving it anime eyes. This girly sun and moon tattoo on the shoulder has very expressive eyes.
girly Sun and Moon Tattoos

8. Many artists consider that adding a mirror design to a sun and moon tattoo brings good luck. If you too believe this then here is an ideal choice for you.
gothic Sun and Moon Tattoos

9. There is another popular version of sun and moon tattoos. It is called the gypsy version. Gypsy sun and moon tattoo won’t have eyes.
Gypsy Sun and Moon Tattoos

10. I am always attracted to Hawaiian tribal art. Here is a Hawaiian sun and moon tattoo worn on both sides of chest by this man.
Hawaiian Sun and Moon Tattoos

Meaning of Sun and Moon tattoos

What is the meaning of sun and moon tattoo according to you? Both are considered to be circular in shape. A circle is often associated with circle of life. Sun and Moon tattoos are very much like Chinese Yin and Yang tattoos. Just like Yin and Yang they complete each other.

Sun is considered as manly, powerful, life giving while moon is considered as tolerant, unbreakable and mysterious. Both define nature of men and women in several ways. This is the reason why sun and moon tattoos became popular among couples.

Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

11. Japanese art has its own way to show the meaning of life. This Japanese sun and moon tattoo show the warmth and positivism sunny day along with the loneliness and emptiness of a cold shivering full moon night.(Irish sayiing tattoos designs)
Japanese Sun and Moon Tattoos

12. If you want to have a majestic sun and moon tattoo design then give both a realistic and mysterious look. Showing sun rays in the tattoo would be a good idea.
Sun and Moon Tattoos

13. How about trying a geometric sun and moon tattoo? You can just focus on circular shapes and add an arrow tattoo to it.
Sun and Moon arrow Tattoos

14. If you love nature then a cool idea would be to try sun and moon butterfly tattoo where you add sun and moon on two wings of butterfly.
Sun and Moon butterfly Tattoos

15. Dreamcatcher is considered a lucky ornament by native americans. You can have a sun and moon dreamcatcher tattoo if you believe in luck.
Sun and Moon dreamcatcher Tattoos

16. Eclipse was considered as something of a tragedy or wrath of gods by ancient tribes. However today it is a popular astrophysics event. If you are a science geek then such sun and moon tattoo would suit you.
Sun and Moon eclipse Tattoos

17. Another cool tattoo idea would be to give a zodiac feel to your sun and moon tattoo. Here is a sun and moon Gemini tattoo.
Sun and Moon Gemini Tattoos

18. Giving perfect geometrical shapes to sun and moon won’t turn out good; because despite popular belief sun and moon are not perfect circles.
Sun and Moon geometric Tattoos

19. Henna is a good choice if you wish to have temporary tattoos. Here is a temporary sun and moon henna tattoo.
Sun and Moon henna Tattoos

20. Infinity tattoos are often opted by couples. How about trying sun and moon infinity tattoos that shows endless eternal love?
Sun and Moon infinity Tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

21. Ankle is not so common choice for tattoos but if you wish to have a matching tattoo with your loved one then ankle is perfect place. Here is perfectly placed sun and moon tattoo on ankle (my favorite choice for cool tattoos for girls)(First time tattoo tips)
Sun and Moon Tattoos Ankle

22. You can have Aztec style sun and moon tattoos on your forearm and here is an inspirational design.
Sun and Moon Tattoo arm

23. If you wish to show sun and moon tattoo in one design then you will surely need huge space for it and back is perfect choice.
Sun and Moon Tattoo back neck

24. Not all sun and moon tattoos need to be large in size. Small sun and moon tattoos like this will sit perfectly on body parts like fingers or behind the ear.
Sun and Moon Tattoo behind ear

25. You might not know about it but the bohemian style tattoos are perfect choice for people who want funky tattoos. Here is a sun and moon tattoo in bohemian style.
Sun and Moon Tattoo bohemian

26. I am not a big fan of dotwork tattoo art but honestly I think that sun and moon dotwork tattoos stand out of the crowd.
Sun and Moon Tattoo dotwork

27. Sun and moon are surely not perfectly circular but when it comes to tattoo drawing you have to make them perfectly circular or otherwise they will look odd.
Sun and Moon Tattoo drawing

28. Here is a simple yet impressive sun and moon tattoo design that will suit girls.
Sun and Moon Tattoos girl

29. Hand is also ideal place for sun and moon tattoos. However, I do not understand the concept of angry moon tattoo. It is probably the dark side of the moon.
Sun and Moon Tattoo hand

30. Kissing sun and moon tattoos is perfect choice for couples who are madly in love with each other and cannot spend a second without each other.
Sun and Moon Tattoo kissing

Matching Sun and Moon Tattoos

31. Do you understand this sun and moon tattoo? I think the lady is having an affair with half moon and the sunflower is not happy with it. It might be a cool men tattoo ideabut it is not suitable for couples.(Name tattoos on wrist)
Sun and Moon Tattoos leg

32. Tiny and minimal sun and moon tattoos like this will suit those couples who are also blue collar workers and can not have visible tattoos.
Sun and Moon Tattoo little

33. Your matching sun and moon tattoos need not to be visible to the world. In fact they would look even better if they are visible to just you.
Sun and Moon Tattoos matching

34. Usually sun tattoos are masculine and moon tattoos are feminine but here the artist showed a different side. Many will probably like it.
Sun and Moon Tattoos back

35. If you show the moon larger than the sun then this means that the woman is protective to her love and can cross any limit for him.
Sun and Moon Tattoos designs

36. Yes there are sun and moon tattoos for friend zoned boys and girls (sorry). Here is one such design that will suit best friends.
Sun and Moon Tattoos best friends

37. It is not compulsory for the man to get sun tattoo and the woman to get moon tattoo. In fact sun and moon tattoos for couples can be tried in any style.
Sun and Moon Tattoos for couples

38. Another cool choice for sun and moon tattoos for guys would be collar bones i.e. just above the chest.
Sun and Moon Tattoos for guys

39. Here is a unique idea for sun and moon tattoos for sisters. The artist showed a moon hidden inside a sun. This suggests that the elder sister is protective of her younger sister.
Sun and Moon Tattoos for sisters

40. Watercolor sun and moon tattoos can be a waste of time and money. This is because they will fade away quickly and will look blurred after some time.
Sun and Moon Tattoos ideas

Cool Sun and Moon Tattoos

41. The hindu symbol of mandala can be an ideal choice to use along with the sun and moon tattoos just like this. It would be cool women tattoo idea in my opinion.(NDave tattoos for females)
Sun and Moon Tattoos Mandala

42. Here is a small variation in sun and moon tattoo where the sun is clearly shown laying over the moon.
Sun and Moon Tattoos meaning

43. Many guys and girls love to have sun and moon tattoos on calves but in my opinion it is not an ideal place to have tattoos that are close to heart.
Sun and Moon Tattoos on calves

44. Here is a really small and minimal sun and moon tattoos that might go unnoticed but surely will remain special to you two.
Sun and Moon Tattoos on finger

45. This small sun and moon tattoos seems to be inspired from ladybugs.
Sun and Moon Tattoos small

46. It would be better to add personalized romantic quotes to your sun and moon tattoo instead of going for the common ones.
Sun and Moon Tattoos with quotes

47. Sun moon and earth tattoos are not suggested for couples. However if you are astronomy lover then it is perfect choice for you.
Sun Moon and earth Tattoos

48. Adding eye to the sun and moon tattoo design shows that you are always watching your lover.
Sun and Moon eye Tattoos

49. Another common choice is sun moon and lotus tattoos. The lotus represent purity and thus it signifies pure love when added to sun and moon tattoos.
Sun and Moon lotus Tattoos

50. Lower back is my personal favourite choice for sun and moon tattoos.
Sun and Moon Tattoo lower back

Which Sun and moon tattoo design you liked the most?