50+ Feather Tattoo Designs With Meaning (2018)

Do you know what feather tattoo mean? Feathers of different birds will represent different meanings. For example, tattoo of an eagle feather would represent both courage and patriotism. People love to have feather tattoos because of their unique meanings.

Here we have chosen 50 most beautiful feather tattoos design for men and women –

Feather Tattoo Ideas

1. A hawk feather tattoo will represent strength and Protection. You can show sharp blade styles around it like this.
hawk Feather Tattoo

2. Many people try Indian feather tattoo designs where the arrow end is shown with feather like this.
indian Feather Tattoo

3. You can also opt for native American feather tattoo which is considered as a lucky charm.
native american Feather Tattoo

4. A Peacock feather tattoo represents both beauty and grace. So feel pride while wearing an elegant tattoo of peacock feather like this.
peacock Feather Tattoo

5. Peacock feather was used by lord krishna as his crown piece. Therefore this tattoo has a spiritual reason as well.
peacock Feather Tattoo

6. Man used feather or crow, raven, eagle, hawk and turkey to make quills for writing purpose. If you are an author then try a quill tattoo.
Feather quill Tattoo

7. A colourful feather tattoo would always look beautiful especially if it is inked like this.
colourful Feather Tattoo

8. You can try a watercolour feather tattoo on hands or forearm if you want a funky tattoo.
watercolor Feather Tattoo

9. If you are trying a large size feather tattoo then try a unique design like as shown in this image.
Feather Tattoo

10. If your feather tattoo is fading away then restyle it with some watercolour shades.
Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoos Designs

11. A common practice is to try a feather bird tattoo. In such styles a bird is shown along the feather.
Feather bird Tattoo

12. As father was used while crafting dreamcatcher by native americans.So a cool idea would be to opt for dreamcatcher tattoo.
Feather dreamcatcher Tattoo

13. Eagle feather tattoos will represent speed and agility. It can also show patriotism.
eagle Feather Tattoo

14. An owl feather tattoo will represent wisdom and knowledge. Try it if you think knowledge is power.
owl Feather Tattoo

15. There are multiple peacock feather tattoos design but the most beautiful and meaningful would be to try a realistic design like this.
peacock Feather Tattoo

16. A Blue jay feather tattoo will represent joy and happiness.
Feather Tattoo

17. You can try a matching feather infinity tattoo with your sister or loved one.
Feather Tattoo

18. Feather and bird tattoo is a common design. Try it with a quote.
Feather Tattoo

19. Here is a beautiful feather infinity tattoo where the artist inked the quote ‘Stay Strong’. Isn’t that motivational?
Feather infinity Tattoo

20. You can try matching feather tattoos in yin and yang style this will simply means that You complete me.
Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoos for Women

21. A falcon feather tattoo will show that you are recovering from bad past. It represents soul healing.
falcon Feather Tattoo

22. An owl feather tattoo also represent far-seeing and silence. It is good for those who are self-aware.
owl Feather Tattoo

23. As eagle feather tattoo represent leadership and strength, so one cool idea would be to try it like a sword.
Feather Tattoo

24. A hummingbird feather tattoo represents beauty and love. You can dedicate it to the person you love the most.
hummingbird Feather Tattoo

25. A dove feather tattoo represents peace. If you are peace loving person then try it.
dove Feather Tattoo

26. There are many designs of feather with birds tattoo but I found it the most attractive.
Feather with birds Tattoo

27. Isn’t this a creative feather tattoo design? It represent hope and freedom.
Feather Tattoo

28. A Phoenix feather tattoo will represent moving on from past and re-birth.
phoenix Feather Tattoo

29. You can try a pheasant feather tattoo which will represent simplicity.
pheasant Feather Tattoo

30. A turkey feather tattoo will represent fertility and you can try it if you seek wealth.
turkey Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoos For Men

31. A feather pen tattoo will also show that you love reading books.
Feather pen Tattoo

32. Here is a beautiful feather tattoo on shoulder and you can try it on both of your shoulders.
Feather Tattoo on shoulder

33. A white feather tattoo will have a deep meaning. It will show that the world has made you emotionless.
white Feather Tattoo

34. This simple tattoo of feather can be converted into a colourful rainbow feather tattoos which will look even better.
rainbow Feather Tattoo

35. This is Native American tattoo art inspired feather design and you will surely admire it.
Feather Tattoo

36. According to Cherokee culture, Cardinal feathers are considered very lucky. Here is a cardinal feather tattoo in bright red color.
Feather Tattoo

37. You can opt for a simple black feather tattoos in similar style. It will represent that you are focus to your aim.
Feather Tattoo

38. If you are going for a well elaborated tattoo design then you can make a feather design part of it like this.
Feather Tattoo

39. This is one of the prettiest peacock feather tattoos and the golden color really make it exotic.
Feather Tattoo

40. If you show a bend or broken feather then this means that you are suggesting that you are broken but you haven’t forgotten how to fly again.
Feather Tattoo

Cool Feather Tattoos

41. This is a large tattoo of native American chief with her crown being decorated by feathers.
Feather Tattoo

42. If you have seen a real peacock feather then you might agree that it is one of the most beautiful feather among birds.
Feather Tattoo

43. Here is a double exposure style tattoo where the artist inked flower tattoos along with feathers.
Feather Tattoo

44. This colourful feather tattoo on shoulder is done using watercolour technique.
Feather Tattoo

45. Feather tattoos on foot or ankle are really meaningful choice as this means you wish to fly.
Feather Tattoo

46. Many indian households used peacock feather for cleaning small sacred things like small temple. They used to decorate the peacock feather with pearls like this.
Feather Tattoo

47. This is another double exposure tattoo of feather and eye of tiger. Go Rocky.
Feather Tattoo

48. If you opt for matching feather tattoos then make sure both have the same design and color shade.
Feather Tattoo

49. You can also try to give an eye like design in your tattoo of feather.
Feather Tattoo

50. The artist gave a distinct look to the tiny hairs of the feather in this tattoo design.
Feather Tattoo

51. Here is a mix up of feather, mandala and dreamcatcher tattoo design.
Feather Tattoo

So which tattoo of feather from the above photo gallery you would love to have?