Tips To Wearing Wedding Lehenga and Silk Sarees

Indian wedding garments are incredibly versatile. Whether you have chosen to wear your most precious lehenga or a silk saree, it is very important that you opt for a style that creates a personalized fashion statement.

For an occasion as special as a wedding, you shouldn’t settle for a look that comes across as simple. Instead, pick something vibrant that shows off your personality and fashion taste.

On top of the different garments, there are plenty of other important decisions that need to be made before your big day. This includes how you are going to wear the wedding lehenga or silk saree. 

Below, we will be discussing a few unique ways in which you can style your bridal attire and some of the best Wedding Lehenga Choli options that are available to you on the market.

How To Wear The Lehenga

Choose Clothing That Compliments The Lehenga

As we have already mentioned, you will have to choose between hundreds of different styles and patterns for the different clothing pieces. The first tip to always keep in mind is that your clothing should match and compliment the lehenga. For example, if you have chosen a classic, maroon lehenga, your dupatta and maang tikka should emphasize the color through a complimentary pattern or color.

Styling Your Lehenga

The casual look is the most popular way of styling a wedding lehenga. If you are wearing a heavily embroidered blouse, this style will be perfect, as it does not cover the choli.

Start by tucking the one end of the dupatta into the left side of the waist. You can then loosen it slightly and pull the dupatta from behind the left arm towards and over your head. If you would prefer, you can also leave the dupatta to rest on your right shoulder.

If you do not like loose fabric around the back area, you can leave it to flow freely on the front side. This is a perfect style for any modern Indian bride. In fact, it is both chic and traditional, meaning that the casual lehenga style can be worn during both the ceremony and reception.

How To Wear A Designer Silk Saree

Choosing The Perfect Designer Silk Saree

If you are looking for the perfect designer silk saree, there are plenty of styles, colors and patterns to consider. In fact, you will be able to have your own custom silk saree designed according to your preferences.

Since it is your wedding, there is no wrong choice when it comes to picking out the perfect saree. However, make sure that the color and pattern of the silk saree compliments your skin tone. As we have already mentioned, don’t be shy when it comes to picking out bold and bright colors.


The classic saree drape is one of the most common ways in which a silk saree is worn. With that being said, it is perfect for just about every occasion, including the ceremony and reception. On top of this, it is very simple to achieve.

Start by tucking one end of the dupatta to the right side of your waist. You can then drape it from under your left arm to your right shoulder.

The double-sided drape looks magical when done right. This style looks classy, traditional, and chic, making it perfect for just about any Indian wedding.

Start by tucking the one end of the dupatta in on any side of your waist. Bring it forward while leaving a considerable amount of material to flow down your back. When you bring it forward, allow the dupatta to flow over your choli. You can then pin and throw it over your shoulder.

Ensure that the dupatta is well pleated, as this will give it a very elegant and royal look. If you decide to go for the double-sided drape, you will be sure to earn plenty of awed looks on your big day!

Shashini Fashion

If you are looking for a new lehenga, gown, or a designer silk saree for your special day, Shashini Fashion has plenty to offer you. The styles mentioned above will only work when created using a stunning garment. When it comes to your wedding, you shouldn’t shy away from splashing out on a lehenga or silk saree that meets all of your expectations.

If your wedding is coming up, there are plenty of styles that you can choose for your lehenga or saree that look and feel amazing. The front-flow dupatta style is incredibly elegant, making it perfect for any reception. On the other hand, the casual lehenga style is more traditional and commonly used.

You should also consider different draping styles. The classic saree drape is perfect for every occasion, including the reception and ceremony. However, the double-sided drape offers a more chic look that will be sure to earn plenty of awed looks from your wedding guests.

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