120+ Scarface Tattoo Designs (2024)

Scarface tattoos show the person’s inner strength, big dreams, and love for the famous movie. The main character Tony Montana shows someone going from poor to rich through crime. His story of struggle, hard work in a bad way, and sad ending connects with many people.

Fans get Scarface tattoos to share Montana’s sayings and scenes from this popular film. The tattoos express that they see life like him. They have his strong will and hunger to win big, even if illegally. To serious fans, Scarface ink is a deeply personal expression.

Scarface Tattoos Ideas

As we said; Scarface, the iconic film starring Al Pacino, has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Its influence extends into the world of tattoos, where fans immortalize their favorite moments, characters, and quotes on their skin. Here are the 15 best Scarface tattoo ideas, exploring their meanings, symbolism, and artistic interpretations.

1. The Classic Tony Montana Portrait: A popular choice among fans, the Tony Montana portrait captures Al Pacino’s intense portrayal. This tattoo often features Tony’s stern expression, symbolizing determination and defiance. It’s a statement piece, usually inked in detailed black and grey, making it a timeless choice.

2. “The World is Yours” Blimp Tattoo: This famous quote from the movie is popular in tattoos. The words “The World is Yours” often go with a picture of the blimp from Scarface. This line and the blimp image show big dreams and belief you can do anything. It gives motivation, reminding the person with the tattoo they have the power to succeed in their life. When Tony Montana says he can take over the world, fans connect to that confidence. The tattoo says they also want to go all the way to the top and make the world theirs. It’s a sign of their drive and hunger to win.

3. Scarface Sleeve Tattoos: For the biggest Scarface fans, covering a whole arm with a tattoo tells Tony Montana’s story. This sleeve tattoo uses many parts from the movie – famous lines, main people, and key scenes of Tony’s life. It shows where he starts poorly in Cuba, then rises to rich Miami drug power, before his gunfight death. Mixing these classic movie moments as one big tattoo is perfect for Scarface lovers.

4. Say Hello to My Little Friend: Tony Montana’s famously aggressive line “Say hello to my little friend!” when wielding his M16 with a grenade launcher is one of the movie’s most legendary scenes. Tattoos depicting Montana wearing his suit while holding his signature weapon make for a vivid Scarface tribute. Many designs show the full Montana figure while others focus more closely on his face and gun.

5. Scarface Gun and Money Tattoos: These designs often feature Tony’s weapon of choice alongside stacks of money, symbolizing the dangerous allure of power and wealth. It’s a bold statement about the corrupting influence of greed.

6. Scarface Quote Collage: Combining various quotes from the movie into a single design creates a powerful tribute to its impactful dialogue. This design is often personalized, reflecting the wearer’s favorite lines.

7. Cuban Saying: The powerful Cubano saying Montana learns in prison meaning “every dog has his day” was central to his philosophy and referenced repeatedly in the movie. Tattoo ideas include the Spanish quote “todo hombre tiene su destino” with additional imagery like palm trees, globs or lines of cocaine, guns, Montana in a suit, and more.

8. The Cuban Chainsaw Massacre: Among Scarface’s most gruesomely iconic scenes is when Montana uses a chainsaw to dispatch his former friend for betraying him. Tattoos can recreate this murder tableau in graphic detail with a suited Montana operating a bloody chainsaw amid spatter and gore. Others simplify it to just show Montana’s enraged face behind a chainsaw. Either way, it’s a design for diehard horror fans.

9. Scarface Movie Poster: Scarface’s classic movie poster featuring Al Pacino as Montana with his trademark scowl, suit, and gun-pointed skyward is one of the film’s most iconic images. This motif translates seamlessly into a tattoo tribute for fans who want the instantly recognizable reference of the original one-sheet artwork. Designs range from faithful color or black and grey replications to more stylized or grungy interpretations.

10. Tony Montana’s Mansion: Tony Montana’s sprawling Miami mansion symbolized his rise to wealth and power as a drug kingpin. Tattoo designs show exterior views of his grand estate at night illuminated against the dark sky. Palm trees, sports cars, pools, and fountains can be worked into the tattoos for added flair.

Scarface Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Scarface, a cinematic masterpiece, has transcended its status as a mere film to become a cultural icon. Its protagonist, Tony Montana, portrayed by Al Pacino, embodies a complex mix of ambition, power, and tragedy. This has inspired many to etch his likeness and the film’s themes onto their skin.

We dug deeper into what these tattoos represent, from the pursuit of the American Dream to the darker sides of ambition and power, here are the meanings we found:

1. The Pursuit of the American Dream: Tony Montana’s journey in Scarface is often viewed as a twisted version of the American Dream. His rise from Cuban immigrant to powerful drug lord symbolizes an extreme pursuit of success and wealth. Tattoos depicting Tony often represent the wearer’s ambitions and desires to achieve greatness against all odds. However, they also serve as a cautionary tale about the cost of such unbridled ambition.

2. Power and Authority: Tony Montana is synonymous with power. His assertive demeanor and control over his empire are aspects that many find admirable. Scarface tattoos often symbolize the wearer’s desire for control and authority in their own lives. They can represent personal strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges.

3. Rebellion Against the System: Tony’s disdain for authority and his rebellious nature resonate with many. A Scarface tattoo can symbolize a rejection of societal norms and a rebellious spirit. It’s a statement against conformity, representing a desire to carve one’s path in life, irrespective of the rules set by society.

4. Loyalty and Brotherhood: Despite his flaws, Tony Montana was fiercely loyal to his friends and family. Scarface tattoos can symbolize the importance of loyalty and brotherhood, often serving as a tribute to the wearer’s relationships and commitments to their loved ones.

5. Tragic Heroism: Tony Montana is a classic example of a tragic hero. His flaws and eventual downfall evoke a sense of empathy. Tattoos Tony can symbolize the human struggle against personal demons and the tragic consequences of one’s actions. They remind wearers of the fine line between ambition and self-destruction.

Now jump into our photo gallery that features highly Highly-detailed realistic portraits of Al Pacino’s Tony Montana as well as his lavish Miami mansion (that was even featured in the GTA Vice City game):

Scarface Sleeve Tattoo

Scarface Tattoo 20
Scarface Tattoo 22
Scarface Tattoo 25
Scarface Tattoo 26
Scarface Tattoo 28
Scarface Tattoo 30
Scarface Tattoo 31
Scarface Tattoo 32
Scarface Tattoo 33
Scarface Tattoo 38
Scarface Tattoo 39
Scarface Tattoo 41

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Scarface Tattoo 44
Scarface Tattoo 45
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Scarface Tattoo 48
Scarface Tattoo 49
Scarface Tattoo 50
Scarface Tattoo 51
Scarface Tattoo 52
Scarface Tattoo 53
Scarface Tattoo 54
Scarface Tattoo 55

Tony Montana Tattoo

Scarface Tattoo 56
Scarface Tattoo 57
Scarface Tattoo 58
Scarface Tattoo 59
Scarface Tattoo 60
Scarface Tattoo 61
Scarface Tattoo 62
Scarface Tattoo 63
Scarface Tattoo 64
Scarface Tattoo 65
Scarface Tattoo 66
Scarface Tattoo 67
Scarface Tattoo 68
Scarface Tattoo 70
Scarface Tattoo 71
Scarface Tattoo 72
Scarface Tattoo 73
Scarface Tattoo 74
Scarface Tattoo 76
Scarface Tattoo 77
Scarface Tattoo 78
Scarface Tattoo 79
Scarface Tattoo 80
Scarface Tattoo 81
Scarface Tattoo 82
Scarface Tattoo 83
Scarface Tattoo 86
Scarface Tattoo 87
Scarface Tattoo 88
Scarface Tattoo 89

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Scarface Tattoo 90
Scarface Tattoo 91
Scarface Tattoo 92
Scarface Tattoo 93
Scarface Tattoo 94
Scarface Tattoo 95
Scarface Tattoo 96
Scarface Tattoo 97
Scarface Tattoo 98
Scarface Tattoo 100
Scarface Tattoo 103
Scarface Tattoo 106
Scarface Tattoo 107
Scarface Tattoo 108
Scarface Tattoo 109
Scarface Tattoo 110
Scarface Tattoo 111
Scarface Tattoo 112
Scarface Tattoo 114
Scarface Tattoo 115
Scarface Tattoo 116
Scarface Tattoo 118
Scarface Tattoo 119
Scarface Tattoo 120

The Eyes Chico they never lie Tattoo

Scarface Tattoo 121
Scarface Tattoo 122
Scarface Tattoo 123
Scarface Tattoo 124
Scarface Tattoo 125
Scarface Tattoo 126
Scarface Tattoo 127
Scarface Tattoo 128
Scarface Tattoo 129
Scarface Tattoo 130
Scarface Tattoo 131
Scarface Tattoo 132
Scarface Tattoo 134
Scarface Tattoo 135
Scarface Tattoo 136
Scarface Tattoo 137
Scarface Tattoo 138
Scarface Tattoo 139
Scarface Tattoo 140
Scarface Tattoo 141
Scarface Tattoo 142
Scarface Tattoo 143
Scarface Tattoo 144
Scarface Tattoo 145
Scarface Tattoo 146
Scarface Tattoo 147
Scarface Tattoo 148
Scarface Tattoo 149
Scarface Tattoo 150
Scarface Tattoo 151
Scarface Tattoo 152


Fans get Scarface ink not just as a fandom for a great film but also as a way to wear symbolic reminders of the choices we make in life. But even with its ample cautionary tales, the film’s style and bad-boy glamour still prove irresistible decades later. As Scarface marked a shift to darker, more graphic sensibilities in 80s cinema, its boundary-pushing legacy continues to find expression through provocative tattoos.

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