100+ New Girly Tattoo Designs and Pictures (2024) Unique Ideas

Girly tattoos are not just popular among females but surprisingly we are seeing a rise in male clients as well. According to a survey, Women are getting more tattoos in the 2010s as compared to any other decade. The growth of the tattoo industry has been exponential this year with an estimate that around 65 million women got a tattoo in just 3 years.

The trend will only rise in the next decade as the fashion industry is evolving more than ever. This results in a huge shortage of unique tattoo designs because no matter what design you pick it would have already been tried by at least 100 other girls.

But this does not mean that you should give up and move on without searching for a special yet meaningful tattoo design. We are committed to providing the most unique designs of tattoos that will suit all our female visitors.

In this series, we bring you our latest edition of New Girly tattoo ideas for women. Here we present you the impressive designs of popular tattoo choices as well as unique styles that you can try.

So lets browse through the list of 100+ Unique girly tattoo ideas –

basic white girl tattoo

Anime Girly Tattoos

female chest tattoos pictures

Badass Girly Tattoos

small meaningful tattoos tumblr

Beautiful Girly Tattoos

white girl tattoo form

Best Girly Hand Tattoos

cute small tattoos tumblr

Bird Girly Tattoos

pretty girls with tattoos

Butterfly Girly Tattoos

tattoo designs for women’s hands

Cage Girly Tattoos

big girls with tattoos

Cartoon Girly Tattoos

female chest tattoos images

Cherry Girly Tattoos

basic white girl tattoos

Cloud Girly Tattoos

picking female chest tattoos

Cool Girly Tattoos

badass tattoos for females

Crown Girly Tattoos

bad ass tattoos for females

Cute Girly Tattoos On Elbow

female hand tattoos images

Cute Rat Girly Tattoos

small cute tattoos tumblr

Dandelion Girly Tattoos

girl tattoo on chest

Dinosaur Girly Tattoos On Foot

as you wish tattoo

Dotty Cat Girly Tattoos Ideas

small chest tattoos for females

Dragon Girly Tattoos

small hand tattoos tumblr

Elephant Girly Tattoos

girls back tattoos tumblr

Fairy Girly Tattoos

girly cover up tattoos

Fox Girly Tattoos

chest tattoos for girl

Girly Compass Tattoos

tattoos on girl chest

Girly Tattoos On Ear Behind

girl tattoos on hands

Girly Tattoo Designs Pictures

bad ass tattoos for girls

Hamsa Girly Tattoos

tattoos for girls pinterest

Ice Cream Girly Tattoos

tattoo stencils for women

Infinity Girly Tattoos

shoulder blade tattoo tumblr

Inspired Snake Girly Tattoos

girly arm sleeve tattoo

Lavender Flower Girly Tattoos

cute girl sleeve tattoos

Mandala Girly Tattoos On Back

tattoo designs for girls on hand

Matching Bow Girly Tattoos

black girl tattoos tumblr

Mermaid Girly Tattoos

tattoo on chest for girl

Mother Son Girly Tattoos

shoulder piece tattoos tumblr

Mountain Girly Tattoos

cute hand tattoos tumblr

Octopus Girly Tattoos

black and white girl tattoos

Panda Girly Tattoos

cute girl chest tattoos

Quotes Girly Tattoos On Spine

tattoo in hand for girl

Quotes Girly Tattoos

small leg tattoos for females

Rainbow Rose Girly Tattoos On Shoulder Back

cute back tattoos tumblr

Rose Cover Up Girly Tattoos

cute girly tattoos tumblr

Sailormoon Girly Tattoos

cute little simple tattoos

Seahorse Girly Tattoos

cute girly tattoos on wrist

Stylish Quotes Girly Tattoos

pictures of pretty tattoos

Sugar Skull Girly Tattoos On Thigh

girly chest tattoos designs

Sun And Moon Girly Tattoos

girls with tattoos pics

Taurus Zodiac Sign Girly Tattoos

good girl bad girl tattoos

Teapot Girly Tattoos

cool girl tattoos tumblr

Tiny Airplane Girly Tattoos On Wrist

bad girl tattoos designs

Unicorn Girly Tattoos

tattoo designs for girl names

Watercolor Humming Bird Girly Tattoos

girly wrist tattoos tumblr

tattoo stencils for girls

cute little girly tattoos

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